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Edifier has been churning decently-priced audio products for years and they can be seen as an alternative choice when it comes to sound-related offerings thanks to the great balance between sound quality and their price tag.

Over a couple of weeks, I received the new Edifier W240TN TWS for a review so let’s see what it has to offer.

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Edifier W240TN 2

The packaging utilizes a black base and gold-colored fonts for that exquisite look at the front while the bag is packed with feature descriptions written in white. Nice contrast in my opinion.

Edifier W240TN 3

The box can come off with ease since it slides out sideways instead of you needing to cut away any parts. A hard Edifier-etched box opens upward to reveal the accessories box and the W240TN lying down snuggly within the throne.

Edifier W240TN 4

Inside the accessories box are a couple of instruction manuals, a USB A-to-C cable, and 3 different sizes of ear tips.

Edifier W240TN 5

Removing the wrapper and the W240TN’s case is really a big hunk of chunk that contrasts against a lot of other “modern” TWS looking for the sleek and clean look. But Edifier says no otherwise for the W240TN because it definitely has some weight and is quite thick.

Edifier W240TN 6

Looking at it sideways so you know how big this thing is relative to my hand.

Giving the case a little shake does wriggle the earbuds within a bit therefore it can be said that the magnetic force that holds them in place isn’t that strong. But I don’t see a reason to shake the case, even for fun.

But at least the hinge is tight and nice without going full flimsy mode when you opened it and can easily be opened with a single hand too.

Edifier W240TN 7

The charging port is using USB-C which is the industry standard for 2022. Feel free to use the one universal USB-C cable that you use for charging literally anything.

Edifier W240TN 8

Upon flipping the hinge, the earbuds’ “butt upwards” placement caught me off a bit simply because I didn’t expect it. But after considering the design, it does help users to pull them out due to how large each unit is, and to be honest, it is way easier and smooth to take out the earbuds of the W240TN than other brands’ conventional offerings.

Edifier W240TN 9

The earbud adopts a horizontal insert orientation and with the default ear tip size, it fits tightly into my ear canal and has no problem with stability when it comes to exercise such as treadmill running and stretchings.

But perhaps it is a bit too tight as my ear canal started to feel a bit of uneasiness and pain upon reaching the 1-hour mark. Still, it wasn’t caused by the ear tip part (like some of the AirPod-like design that doesn’t use silicon ear tips) but rather the part between the magnetic tip and the “R” mark.

But in the end, ear comfort is subjective so it is best that you test this out in a physical store if possible to see whether it suits you or not.

Edifier W240TN Connect App 1

Edifier also has its own companion app, the Edifier Connect, and it might be one of the quirkiest that I’ve used.

For one, the Mall and Discover are where they self-promote their own products to convince you to grab some more gear. But at least they do provide you with a seamless purchase platform to make the process good and not troublesome.

But back to the topic, the main page will show off the device you’ve connected with your smartphone with the Noise Cancellation Off, On, and Ambient Sound mode laying out flat and easy to access.

The noise cancellation isn’t really strong to start off as it can only block off soft cues like cricket noises and fan sounds, so it is best to leave it on all the way. But everything comes with an opposite “drawback” but in this case, the pressure buildup created by the ANC feature is quite comfortable to work with so I’d say Edifier did a good balance in this.

As for the Ambient Mode, it does give you the adjustment slider to control how strong surrounding sounds enter your ear canal and it is a great way to keep the earbuds in while engaging in a local conversation.

Edifier W240TN Connect App Home Screen

When launching the app for the first time, I am asked whether the app can draw itself over other apps so I enabled that to find out what is it about. But what I get is that it is now capable of displaying itself on the notification bar.

Yet the app is not working seamlessly with 3rd-party music apps because it can be a pain in the butt for compatibility’s sake, so its presence here is just for you to switch between modes, turning features on and off – you get the deal. It just saves you the hassle to launch the app.

Edifer W240TN Connect App 3

If a constant notification dot hovering over your screen is a threat to your mindset and makes you uncomfortable, you can instead access them via the clickable button on the flat side of the earbuds. Here, you can configure how the button behaves when it is clicked once, twice, thrice, and more with 2 different modes of within a call or not within a call.

Edifier W240TN Connect App 2

Swiping to the second panel reveals the current track playing in the middle with 3 separate choices of sound profile – Classic, Dynamic, and Customized.

The default state of Classic doesn’t really do the TWS justice so I immediately moved to the Dynamic mode and there’s where it shines the most as the bass is punchy without overwhelming the mids and highs. One point that I noticed is that as the volume goes up, the impact of the bass can get ahead a little bit too much so you’ll have to keep that in check as you adjust to your desired amplitude.

Edifer W240TN Connect App 4

If either Classic or Dynamic fails, you can always go your own way with the Customized EQ sliders.

The Game Mode also can be flicked through the notification bar or within the app itself. For the curious ones, below is the latency difference and it is as standard as they are.

Edifier W240TN Latency Test


Edifier W240TN 10So in the end, I do have quite a positive experience with the Edifier W240TN thanks to the overall design and sound profile it produces fitting to my style of music and use case. While it is mildly drawn back by the aforementioned Bluetooth connection problem, it was annoying to me specifically due to my job of needing to switch around devices frequently.

But that might not be the situation for you as most people only need one smartphone at a time and by looking at it from another perspective, the mechanics of it not broadcasting itself means privacy and some buyers would take that as a main point of attraction too.

Alright, the main consideration of all – is the price. At its MSRP of RM369, it is probably a bit steep to pull the trigger even for me but if you are one that can utilize all the functions it provides, the W240TN can prove its place and can do so better if you can snag it at a lower price (Currently going for RM299 on Lazada due to some sort of sales campaign at the time of writing).

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