Credit: NBC News
Credit: NBC News

Pretty sure some of us dreamed of flying on a personal helicopter in life. Imagine having a very small and compact one seater helicopter, going inside it and fly around with total freedom. A company, Ehang has recently unveiled their latest “184 Personal Flying Vehicle(PFV)” which brings that imagination closer to reality.

The quadcoper is capable of carrying a payload/human up to 117 kilogram and have 23 minutes of flight time which estimates at a distance of 16 kilometers. Do note that the vehicle in question is still a prototype and not a final product.

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Credit: TechInsider
Credit: TechInsider

Passenger/pilot apparently has very minimum control of the quadcopter. In the cockpit, we could see there is only one seat with a single tablet interface infront of it. Could could issue commands such as ‘take off’, ‘pause’, and ‘land’. A route to the destination and the piloting will totally be calculated, decided and executed by the computer in the quadcopter.

Basic features are included such as air-conditioning, 4G connection(yes basic) and even a dual color reading light.

Payload 117KG
Range 16 Kilometers
Runtime 23 minutes
Maximum speed 99 KM/h

The quadcopter will be sold at around 300,000 USD(1,326,885 MYR) according the Ehang.

Source: Engadget

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