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Facebook has a tendency to test things by randomly assigning us in undisclosed groups. We’ve first had large texts for status updates, then slowly moved towards multicolored and textured status updates not long after that. What’s interesting is the influx of little new things being tested on Facebook that most of us didn’t even have the chance to see it in action. Here, I’m going to show you the new upcoming feature – Facebook Background Posts.

Here’s what we know as of now:

Acer Nitro 5
  • Only a handful of users are able to use them
  • More users are able to see and “try it” from other users who can use them (mobile Facebook app only)
  • Majority of users aren’t able to see these Facebook background posts

This isn’t exactly 100% new, actually. The first hints or idea of it began showing up halfway through their multicolored status updates, where I saw there were textured images used as backgrounds for status updates. Not long after the initial “test” of this type of status update, Facebook removed them and only to return about a week ago.

As for how they look like, here they are. They’re actually way beyond the idea of clipart and vector graphics for status updates when it first debuted. Here’s how it looks like now.

Facebook Background Posts grass

There are multiple other designs too, like one with the galaxy, another one showing the ocean and beach, one with a grass field, and potentially a few more that I have no idea that they even exist. Take a look at them here.

You might have realized that those are screenshots, not the real Facebook posts themselves. The reason why I showed that is simple – not everyone can see these posts on their Facebook accounts, let alone posting them.

Facebook Background Posts Galaxy
Here’s where you can find out if you can use any of these Facebook Background Posts.

To test if your Facebook account has these graphical backgrounds already or not, I’ve embedded these posts down below. You can click on them to view them on the Facebook app and also use them on your next text-only status update. I’m not sure if the “Try it” button will appear, but you can try.

Facebook Background Posts Try it
See that little “Try It” button?

Anyway, here are the status posts from Facebook themselves. Remember to use your mobile as the desktop version of Facebook still doesn’t have this button as of now.
Click on these statuses below to try it on the Facebook app!

[UPDATE 13th June 2017]: More designs have been unearthed and posted below.

Honestly speaking, I still have no idea how to create these types of Facebook background posts. As of now, it seems like only a handful of select users are able to select them, with a little more users who can actually see and use them, and everyone else is left out of the loop entirely.

not everyone can see these posts on their Facebook accounts, let alone posting them

The conclusion that I can come up with, is that Facebook is again throwing us into their testing program without actually informing us users. There are no clear indication on whose accounts have these features available or if you can even see these Facebook background posts for that matter!

For now, we can only do investigations and pinpoint these Facebook features, then report about their existence. We’ll definitely keep you updated when we have more information and more designs of Facebook background posts available in the future.
Stay tuned!

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  1. So these have been out for a while now, but do you know why some people can post longer updates with these backgrounds than other people can? Had a friend post this whole status with the colored backgrounds: “I cried a lot at the movie “A Dog’s Purpose”, but after watching “A Dogs Journey”, I think it out beats it. 🤣
    What can I say? I’m a sap for tear jerker faith based films.”
    But if I try to that that same thing, it reverts back to a normal post after “I’m a” for me.

    • Hmmm… it’s difficult to keep track of what Facebook is doing these days. They’ve been changing things up without telling anyone – as usual.
      As for the status update, are you doing it on mobile or desktop? From my experience, it used to be doable on mobile but it seems like that feature is gone too.

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