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Here’s what I saw on Facebook these days. There are status updates with HUMONGOUS font size. Not sure what’s going on at first, but now we cracked out the details on Facebook big text.

To be honest, I’ve been seeing lots of these updates these days. Only on Facebook app though, but I think I know why too.

MSI Creator 17 Mini-LED

UPDATE: It seems that Facebook has rolled out this feature to desktop and mobile too. There’s no running away now. I’m sure we all know it’s annoying, but guess it’s Facebook’s way of balancing attention between videos, links, and texts-based content?


Let’s be honest – I personally never really do read any short text-only status updates on Facebook. I almost exclusively only read essays or watch videos on Facebook these days. This is pretty much Facebook’s answer to how to get a higher engagement rate for those types of statuses.

With bigger fonts, it did catch a lot of attention. Definitely caught mine. However, there’s a few criteria before getting big fonts.

Firstly, your post will have to be 35 characters at most (UPDATE: Facebook has removed this limit. check out this post for more information). Secondly, the status update must be text only. No links, no pictures, no video. If these conditions are not followed, the update will have its usual tiny font size. Also as mentioned earlier, you need Facebook app to see the Facebook big text.

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[UPDATE]: It looks like this feature is here to stay! With the recent addition of what I call Facebook Fancy Fonts that I’ve talked about here, Facebook is adding more customization on text-only status updates. That includes backgrounds and font colours.

Also, they removed the 35-character limit for big texts!

So click here to learn more about the Facebook Fancy Fonts.

Facebook fancy fonts

[UPDATE 18th November 2016]: Facebook Fancy Fonts (full details here) have been reworked.

While browsing through Facebook today, I realized there’s a change in their text-only status updates. This time, there are different coloured backgrounds compared to what we’ve seen previously.

The full details on what Facebook has changed since the first release of their big text update is detailed here. Click the image below to check it out!

Facebook Fancy Fonts

UPDATE: There’s a method to “disable” this Facebook BIG Text feature. Click here to check it out!

There are actually quite a few methods to go around the entire big text annoyance. We listed them in the link above!

UPDATE: Facebook Fancy Fonts (full details here) has been updated again! This time around, there are some minor interface change and removed some colours.

[UPDATE 15th December 2016]: Thanks to all of  your comments and suggestions, there’s a brand new way to counter this issue! Click here to check out the full details!

In the latest development regarding this issue, Facebook has removed the option to post any more text-only status updated with coloured backgrounds (learn more about Facebook Fancy Fonts here). The entire colour palette has disappeared in the latest Facebook update, and there’s no sign of it returning any time soon.

Big black text on white background however, still exists. There is no way to disable it other than using any of the workarounds that we discovered here.

While what we have documented here are clearly in its testing phase (no idea why so many people are in their “testing group”), we are unsure if this feature will return in the future. Let’s hope that if it does return, there is an option to disable it entirely.

[UPDATE 14th January 2017]: Facebook Fancy Fonts are here to stay!

First off – Happy New Year, everyone! Though it’s quite late, I think it’s still valid if January isn’t here yet.

Anyway, Facebook just reinstated the Fancy Fonts and Big Text into its latest update again. This time, I really don’t think Facebook will ever remove it. Enough testing – it’s been going on for nearly 6 months. Seems like reception is good too, as many friends on my list are using it.

Facebook Fancy Fonts
The current version, as of today.

Will Facebook ever grow the list? Maybe. But from what I can see, the classic “big black text with white background” status updates are never going away, even after multiple iterations on the update.

However, I did start to realize some inconsistencies in the Facebook Big Text/Fancy Fonts feature while browsing on my laptop…

Click here for more details regarding the Facebook Fancy Fonts.

If you’re like me and wish to bypass the Facebook Big Text and Fancy Fonts, click here to check out our tips and tricks! 😉

[UPDATE] Facebook brings BIG comments feature!

Despite all the backlash that big fonts for status updates had gotten, Facebook went ahead and started rolling out a big fonts for comments too.

For more details, check out the Facebook BIG comments here!

[UPDATE]: Facebook is adding different forms of text-only status updates!

As we’re here contemplating on whether or not Facebook will ever create a button to disable this feature entirely, they’ve gone about adding and building upon this feature. Here we see the brand new addition called Facebook background posts – a direct sequel to the Facebook Fancy Fonts that we’ve seen here.

Click here to find out more about the Facebook background posts.

Facebook Background Posts beachOne thing I have to say – at least it’s better than just having big texts.

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