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Let’s start off with a bit of introduction. Facebook introduced something I call “Facebook Big Text” a while ago. It seems to stir up quite a lot of controversy down in the comments section too. I read all of it, and I think a “fix” is very much needed.

Facebook BIG Text

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This update came without a warning. It crashed into our Facebook accounts through its mobile app first, then towards our desktop version now. They even updated it to have some funky background and colours now. To which I say it’s fine, since Facebook wants to promote text-only status updates.

Facebook Fancy Fonts

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So here I’m going to teach you one thing that many of us are asking – how to disable this  Facebook big text? Can it even be disabled? So far, here’s what we know when it comes to disabling the Facebook big text:

  • 85 character limit. Spaces and symbols included.
    • Text only.
  • Images
  • A total of 3 different types of fancy fonts
    • Plain white background with big black texts
    • Single-coloured background
      • Blue
      • Yellow
      • Red
      • Purple
      • Cyan
      • Grey
    • Gradient background
      • Orange-red
      • Cyan-blue
      • Purple-indigo

Knowing all these, there are a few methods of getting around this Facebook BIG text issue so that all texts appear small. Throughout my tests, I found a few ways to beat the system, so here’s a list of them.

  • Upload any image to your text-only post. It can be a 1 pixel x 1 pixel image – it doesn’t matter. As long as there’s an image.
  • Include a feeling/activity
    • Works for some of them only
  • Exceed the 85 character limit
    • Doesn’t work if you hit Enter/Return multiple times to bypass
      • Enter/Return are not counted as characters

So far I think the best option available is to include some image, but it will definitely fill up your timeline of photos with random images if you do it repeatedly. Here’s how it looks like without the 1 pixel x 1 pixel image on both desktop and mobile.
Click here to test it out on your device.

Facebook BIG Text How To Disable
Annoying BIG text.
Facebook BIG Text How To Disable
Still is big on mobile. At least it’s tinier than the one with 1 pixel x 1 pixel image.

Here’s how it looks like with the 1 pixel x 1 pixel image on both desktop and mobile.
Click here to test it out on your device.

Facebook BIG Text How To Disable
It’s really discreet, and definitely tiny.
Facebook BIG Text How To Disable
Not so discreet on mobile though. It’s hideous!

My recommendation is to put in some cutesy image – that’ll surely get attention. Then, type out your entire status and put a disclaimer in the end saying that the image is irrelevant or the image is for decoration only. I mean sure – you’ll definitely annoy some friends on your friends list, but you at least don’t have to scream at their face with the BIG texts.

Also, will Facebook just add a proper “disable Facebook BIG text button and call it a day already? I’m quite tired of finding workarounds, and then not working after 5 days because you released another tiny update.

UPDATE: There’s a comment made on this post that suggested using a 800 pixel x 1 pixel image.

I tried it, and yes – it works! It bypassed the humongous font size, and maintained a very slim profile in the post. Of course, it inherits the problem where there will be many images in your Facebook profile’s photos – but we don’t really have a better way to disable this feature.
Click here to check out the post using your device!

Facebook BIG Text How To Disable
On desktop. Looks good.
Facebook BIG Text How To Disable
On Facebook’s app. Looks even better!

If you want to use this method to “disable” the Facebook BIG text feature, click here to download the 800 pixel x 1 pixel image! Just remember to download the link itself to get the image – or else you cannot see the image at all!

[UPDATE]: You can disable by first typing a lot of space, then include a single period at the end. Thanks everyone in the comment section below!

I’ve been reading all of your suggestions and ideas in the comments below. The general idea is this – since the Facebook BIG text only appear if the status update is less than a certain number of characters, you can hit spacebars until it shrinks back to its usual size.

However, hitting Post directly won’t work. Facebook will automatically cancel off all the extra spaces at the end. You’ll have to type either a symbol or an alphabet at the end of those spaces so that Facebook retains all of it.

Down in the comments section (thanks again!), many have suggested to enter spaces until it shrinks, then hitting another period key at the end will make Facebook retain all of the spaces!

Minor addition: There is an 86-character threshold before the font size gets smaller again. So make sure you spam those spaces!

[UPDATE]: Facebook is now adding backgrounds with images for status updates!

Yes – you read that right. Facebook is adding status updates with images of grasses, flowers, night sky, milky way, and much more! It’s never more crucial to learn how to disable these background posts.

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