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As the world of social media blooms, we can reach people through mindblowing speed. Whenever we see something interesting, we can instantly share it with everyone. Even Facebook Page owners want to share those hot, trending content as well.

As a content creator, I can tell you that many Facebook Pages outright steal content from other creators on other platforms and upload them to Facebook without crediting the creator. Some are deliberately deleting the watermark too, if possible.

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But it happens everywhere…

Yeah, true. The meme culture has this tendency to not care about crediting the creator. If something is trending, then well – everyone wants a piece of that!

For example, the latest trend – Plash Speed. At this point, it’s viral. That video, which is made by Korean YouTuber, 장삐쭈.

It’s a video that we can all relate to. Buying a game console but need to conceal its existence to avoid getting walloped. We’ve all been in a similar situation before with our parents or spouse. And hey – that video is funny.

The original video was uploaded to YouTube on 20th June 2019 and has garnered a total of 5,838,988 views as of now. Unfortunately, the subtitles are available in Korean language only. So, a fan took the video from YouTube and hard-embed English subtitles on it, then uploaded the video to Facebook. With proper crediting, of course.

But then, the content-stealing started.

Introducing, the slew of re-uploads!

There are just too many people who literally reupload the same thing. FFS, there’s a share button on every single post on Facebook. Use that share button. And use your signal lights while driving, too.

Let me show you just a few of the re-uploads that I saw on Facebook.

Meh, you can find more by just searching the phrase “plash” on Facebook and filter it to show videos only. Click here to see those search results.

Once again, I have to reiterate – there’s a share button on each Facebook post. Use it. There is no need to re-upload the video.

Plash Speed use the share button

Facebook needs a copyright claim system

Facebook, in a nutshell, is not giving a damn about stolen content. As a matter of fact, no one is giving a damn about it. And Facebook needs to buck up and fix this issue.

Currently, there is a “report” button on Facebook. For each post, if you have any “concerns”, just use the “report” button and “let Facebook know”. They won’t do anything, though. If you have any issues with copyright, submit a form instead. There is no dashboard to tell you what video is stolen.

Plash Speed file report Facebook
I have also reported many ads about scams, and Facebook says they’re fine. 🤷‍♂️

YouTube, however, is getting a lot of flak for its copyright claim system. Credit where credit is due, at least YouTube does have some copyright protection for creators.

Look, we have lots of videos on our YouTube channel that was just copy-pasted to another person’s YouTube channel. YouTube provided those necessary tools and a dashboard to file a copyright claim. It even shows the similarities between the original and the re-uploaded content.

YouTube copyright claim
Yes, we do get notifications when a new and very similar video is found.

So far, we have removed 20 videos that were stolen from our channel. They all either had more than 95% match with our video. That’s not fair use. And I claim back what is rightfully mine, thanks to YouTube’s copyright claim system.

Facebook, you really need a copyright claim system. Just follow YouTube’s system. It’s not perfect, but it’s a good start.

Both Facebook and YouTube need to talk

This is a longshot. I think both platforms need to talk. No more cold war between the two. If I post a YouTube link on Facebook, it should be embedded properly. While you’re at it, don’t demote posts with a YouTube link. We know what you’re trying to do.

Facebook YouTube Plash Speed reuploads sea
In the sea of re-uploads, we have no idea which one is the source.

Both YouTube and Facebook need to have a cross-platform content-checking system. Some sort of copyright claim system that works for both platforms. Detect videos that are reuploaded to either Facebook or YouTube. That way, the original content creator gets to know who re-uploaded the content and where. Take appropriate actions. Swift, impactful action – not Facebook’s reporting system but tells you to “please fill in the form” bullcrap.

To Facebook Page managers

Have some integrity. If you’re re-uploading a piece of content, add value to it. In the case of Plash Speed, at least there is English subtitle baked into the video. And credit was duly given.

Don’t rip off content from all over the internet and give credit in the comments section, like this page. Give the credit in the main post itself.

As for content creators, watermark everything. Your videos, pictures, everything. Leave a big, obvious watermark dab smack in the middle of your content. Even if it’s ugly, make sure you get proper credit if your content gets stolen.

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