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It’s a funny situation. Facebook claims that the computer that I’m using has malicious software, and hence blocked me from logging in entirely. I was forced to use the Facebook malicious software scanner before I can even log in to my account. Seriously, why do you do this, Facebook?

Facebook malicious software scanner

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The message that came out isn’t something that I’ve seen in the past. For some reason, it tells me that I can’t login to my account because it detected some malicious software on my computer. So I thought I could bypass this… but unfortunately, I cannot.

The Facebook malicious software scanner is legitimately from Facebook themselves, actually.

Whichever the case may be, I just can’t log in no matter whichever link I tried to use. Then, I took the leap of faith and proceeded to log in through that page. It has a total of 3 steps that I have to go through. Here are the screenshots that I obtained.

Take note of the last screenshot. It downloads a scanner (let’s just call it the “Facebook malicious software scanner”) and Facebook said that you’ll need to run that program to scan your computer first before you can access Facebook on that particular computer again. Alright, things do seem a little fishy now.

Facebook malicious software scanner details

The Facebook malicious software scanner itself is about 5.79MB in size and has a certificate. Upon inspecting the certificate, it’s indeed by Facebook themselves.

Facebook malicious software scanner certificate

Since this error appeared on another test computer that I have at that time, so I wouldn’t bother about reformatting the OS anyway. So, I just ran the EXE that was downloaded.

Upon my surprise, nothing happened on the allegedly “affected” system. Was the program a hoax? I doubt – thus I ran the software again – but this time, I called the software through CMD to see what’s the error.

Facebook malicious software scanner CMD

Alright, so what I did next is run CMD in system context as an admin, then browsed to the downloaded file and ran it. To my surprise, it works now – but I had to double check if it’s really running by finding the corresponding process name in Task Manager.

Facebook malicious software scanner notifications (1)

Facebook then shows a progress bar. I can still browse Facebook during this time. According to Facebook’s Help Center, I had limited access and I can’t comment on posts or send friend requests – but I had no issues using Facebook as I usually would. No idea what’s the point of that if it doesn’t work.

Facebook malicious software scanner notifications (2)There is a notification under the notifications menu and I can check the scanning progress as I browse through Facebook. Luckily, they’ll notify me when the scan is complete. So I just left it there. It took quite some time to complete the scan. Took me about 15 minutes or so, and then this message comes out.

Facebook malicious software scanner notifications (3)
Why am I not surprised?

I am utterly dumbfounded by Facebook’s decision to lock me out of my own account and force me to go through this debacle. And yet, nothing was found! I know nothing is wrong with the machine because I just installed a fresh copy of Windows on it for God’s sake.

Facebook should have included a button that says “skip this at your own risk” and that would save us a lot of trouble now, wouldn’t it? We wouldn’t have to question your software’s legitimacy, we wouldn’t have to wait for God knows how long, and most importantly – we can use our accounts without any sort of locks.

I know, it’s a security feature from Facebook – but sometimes, it’s a little too obstructive to the point where it’s destructive rather than constructive to the user.

Did you go through this before? Let us know down in the comments section below. I’d love to hear your experience with this feature by Facebook.

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