UPDATE: Click here to find out how to disable Facebook Post Tab!

Today is just like any other day for me – log in to Facebook, and starting doing my things. Then, I noticed something new on my screen – we’ll call it Facebook Post Tab. Of course, there’s a reason behind that name, and we’ll get to that in a moment.

Let’s start off with an introduction to what he Facebook Post Tab is about. I started realizing this little menu on the bottom left-most corner on my browser when I received a notification.

MSI Creator 17 Mini-LED

Facebook Post Tab

So I went ahead and clicked on it and see what’s up with that, obviously. To my surprise, it’s actually the entire post that I had enabled notifications for.
You can enable it by either by doing these two things:

  1. Commenting on that post.
  2. Manually click to follow the post.

I have to give Facebook credit though, as the entire post is now a small little tab at the corner of my screen. Comes with full functionality too!

Facebook Post Tab

By default, the Facebook Post Tab it is always minimized. You’ll have to manually “maximize” the tab by clicking on it.
Fair enough, I suppose.

Whenever there are multiple notifications, they’re nicely packed in a small little corner.

Facebook Post Tab

While it sounds all fine and dandy, the next question comes. How exactly do you enable this little feature? I don’t see any explicit way to enable or disable this feature per se, because it’s according to whatever post notifications you’re following.

Facebook Post Tab
This is how it looks like when the post tab is expanded.

Remember – there are a few methods to get notifications from a post. Before this, you can manually follow the post or comment some random things on it. Now, there’s a brand new option. Here’s how you enable Facebook Post Tab.

Facebook Post Tab

Clicking “Show in tab” will instantly show the post at the corner. Facebook also automatically follows the post’s notifications for you too. Hence the name Facebook Post Tab, as you enable by clicking “Show in tab“.

For example, if I comment on a post, Facebook automatically enables notifications for that particular post for me. So, whenever someone comments on that post, I get a notification – just like always. Currently, I get this both the little Facebook Post Tab at the bottom left corner, and another traditional notification.

Bit too many of the same notification there, don’t you think, Facebook? I also realized that these post tabs follow your browser’s tab. Hitting refresh will also close all tabs.

Facebook Post Tab

To disable it, the only option I found is to unfollow the post’s notification. That means I will never get any notification for that post ever again. I can’t find any option to disable this particular feature entirely.

Guess we’ll have to wait for another update from Facebook.

I highly doubt Facebook will have an option to disable this feature though. Remember the recent update with Facebook BIG text and Facebook fancy fonts? Yeah, Facebook didn’t offer any method to disable them.

[UPDATED]: Facebook made the post auto-maximize whenever a notification is received. It’s just extremely ANNOYING!!!

[UPDATE 18th December 2016]: Facebook has included a button to permanently disable this feature!

Remember the Ticker bar? I mean the right side bar, where you can see which friend of yours are online. You’ll first have to click the small little cog icon at the lower right corner. That’ll re-enable  the entire Ticker bar, but don’t worry.

Facebook Post Tab

Clicking on the cog again displays this list of option. As you can see, Facebook has added a button to permanently Turn off post tabs button within this menu!

Facebook Post Tab

Click that to turn off all the annoying post tabs, and then click the cog again to hide the sidebar again. After that, you’re done! Facebook post tab is no more!

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