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First Ambulance Services (FAS) and YTL Communications (YTLC) have announced their strategic partnership that will improve emergency healthcare for Malaysians.

First Ambulance and YTL 5G Ambulance featured

The collaboration between the two companies focuses on providing enhanced emergency treatment through the YES 5G Smart Ambulance service, enabling new use cases such as remote telemetry of diagnostics and imaging.

This collaboration is in line with the vision of the Ministry of Health to increase the overall efficiency and quality of Malaysia’s emergency medical services.

Minister of Health in Malaysia, Khairy Jamaluddin commented: “I am pleased to see FAS and YTLC working together to uplift the ambulance service standards in Malaysia using 5G. Harnessing the power of 5G to use the time spent en route to the hospital to enable effective triage using real-time feeds of patient telemetry and medical imaging. In addition, 5G-based Extended Reality will transform the ways we care for the patients and save lives. I look forward to seeing broader adoption of 5G technology across all sectors in public health, including our hospitals.”

First Ambulance and YTL 5G Ambulance 1The high performance of 5G will also enable another first-in-Malaysia – implementation of Extended Reality (XR), which allows the doctors to provide real-time guidance to the technicians in the ambulance. These innovations will improve the speed and precision of emergency care, allowing more people to be saved in life-threatening situations.

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