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Samsung is on a roll recently and they’ve released a lot of different products within just a month. Or maybe it’s just out of Samsung’s usual schedule since they re-introduced the FE – also known as the Fan Edition – lineup. They seem to be serious this time too as we have the S23 FE (review here), the Galaxy Buds FE, and also the Galaxy Tab S9 FE and Galaxy Tab S9 FE+.

What I have today is the Galaxy tab S9 FE+. I’m not sure why Samsung named it the Galaxy Tab S9 FE+ as I always thought it was S9+ FE. This caused me a considerable amount of confusion.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE Plus initial impressions

The entire box of this tablet is really thin since it only comes with the tablet itself, an S Pen, some documentation, and also the USB-C cable.

Looking at the tablet itself, there are two things that I think are worth highlighting. First being the pins at the bottom of the tablet. This means we can snap in the keyboard cover case too – sold separately, of course. Our friend from Vtechgraphy did try the Galaxy Tab S9+’s keyboard cover case on the Galaxy Tab S9 FE and it worked flawlessly with a perfect fit.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE Plus initial impressions

As for the second thing to highlight, this tablet has a physical fingerprint scanner on the power button itself. It’s a much better implementation than Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra’s under display fingerprint scanner. TBH, I just don’t like under display fingerprint scanners.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE Plus initial impressions

Anyway, this tablet comes with this list of specs:

  • 12.4-inch IPS LCD Display
    • 1440p Resolution
    • 90Hz Refresh Rate
  • Exynos 1380 Chipset
  • Up to 12GB RAM
  • Up to 256GB Storage (Expandable up to 1TB)
  • 8MP Back Camera
  • 12MP Selfie Camera
  • 8,000mah Battery
    • 45W Fast Charge
  • Mint, Lavender, Gray, Silver Colors

It’s pretty much a bigger version of the Galaxy Tab S9 FE, and both these tablets share more or less the same specs (on paper) as the Galaxy A54 that we reviewed earlier this year.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE Plus initial impressions

Now, in our gaming test for the Galaxy Tab S9 FE+, I found out that the Exynos 1380 can finally able to shine at its maximum potential since there is no other bottlenecks, unlike the Galaxy A54.

From what I found out, the performance is stellar even at the highest graphical settings with the highest render resolution enabled. You can watch the entirety of the test here.

For initial impressions, I am definitely liking the potential of this mid-range tablet. However, the price isn’t that mid-range.



Galaxy Tab S9 FE (WiFi) 6GB+128GB


Galaxy Tab S9 FE 5G 6GB+128GB


Galaxy Tab S9 FE (WiFi) 8GB+256GB


Galaxy Tab S9 FE 5G 8GB+256GB


Galaxy Tab S9 FE+ (WiFi) 8GB+128GB


Galaxy Tab S9 FE+ 5G 8GB+128GB


Galaxy Tab S9 FE+ (WiFi) 12GB + 256GB


Galaxy Tab S9 FE+ 5G 12GB + 256GB


The specific model of the Galaxy Tab S9 FE+ that we have here is the WiFi variant with 12GB RAM and 256GB storage, priced at RM3,099.

Our full review of this tablet will come soon – so stay tuned for that.

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