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Samsung is taking a major leap forward with its series of big watches. Last year, those smartwatches with big bezels were branded as the “classics” but today, the bezel is removed entirely, and the watch has been changed into a new design while retaining some of that “bigness” like those watches with bezels from the past. They’re now called as the “Pro” variant – hence the Galaxy Watch5 Pro.

So, let’s start with the box. One thing I realized is that the Galaxy Watch5 Pro (technically anything with the “Pro” moniker in the Samsung Electronics products) will have a black box. The box is thicker compared to the Galaxy Watch5 44mm that we reviewed earlier, but not by much.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro

The unboxing experience is fairly standard for a Samsung smartwatch. Opening up the box, we have the watch itself laid flat and on the lid-side, we have another box that houses some documentations and the charging cable.

The charging cable has now been upgraded to a USB-C cable and it is the same as the one found on the Galaxy Watch5. This new charger is capable of taking in 5V at 2A, totaling up to 10W of power. This is a major step forward compared to its predecessors.

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro

The Galaxy Watch5 Pro has a fairly interesting design yet is controversial. Samsung did away with the rotating bezel in favor of this design. I don’t know how to describe this design but you can see it for yourself. The entire circumference is raised but has a smooth curved gradient going back down to the screen’s sapphire crystal glass.

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro

Personally, I think this design grew on me. My initial thought was “why is the bezel so thick?” But after using this watch for the past week, I think we can use the software rotating bezel feature instead. The curved slope guides my fingertips while encircling the screen, so I think that works surprisingly well.

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro

Combined with the Titanium Grey color, I think the Galaxy Watch5 Pro looks absolutely unique.

The screen and the chipset are actually identical to the Galaxy Watch5 44mm too. It’s a 1.4-inch Super AMOLED screen with a resolution of 450×450 and rounded. The reason why this watch is labelled as a 45mm watch is mainly due to the new bezel. The screen size is the same as the 44mm version. This watch is also powered by the Exynos W920 chipset.

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro

The strap is something new. It uses a new magnetic D-buckle strap. It is made out of silicone but it mimics how the traditional metal clasp watch straps but with a few changes. As the name suggests, the clasp is not metal-on-metal but magnetic instead.

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro

To adjust the strap to fit my wrist, I had to unlatch the lock and adjust it myself. In a way, I like this design since I can adjust it to however wide I want it to be, down to the exact millimeter that suits my wrist.

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro

If for whatever reason, I do not like this magnetic D-buckle watch strap, I can swap it to whatever watch strap with 20mm in width. It’s exactly the same strap width used for the Galaxy Watch4 and Watch5 series, actually.

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro

Some people complained that this watch strap is flawed because it doesn’t work well with Samsung’s own accessories or wireless chargers – and I partially agree. Since I was using a milanese loop on the Galaxy Watch4 44mm for the past year, I already have the muscle memory to loop the charger in between the strap and the watch face to charge the watch. However, accessories like Samsung’s very own Wireless Charger Duo or Trio don’t work with this kind of strap.

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro

Anyway, my first impression of the Galaxy Watch5 Pro had been very positive – particularly with its battery life. Thanks to the massive 590mAh battery, I can comfortably get beyond 2 days worth of usage out of a single charge with all the tracking features turned on and set Google Assistant to be always listening too. I think this is the smartwatch with the longest-lasting battery to date.

So far, very positive about the Galaxy Watch5 Pro. Of course, we’re still in the process of reviewing this device so stay tuned for our full review. Coming soon.

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