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Ever since I reviewed the first generation of the ASUS ROG Gladius from more than 2 years ago, I fell in love with that mouse. I loved the shape, the functionality, and the grip of that mouse. It’s a really great mouse and has been with me since the day I first laid my hands on it. Over the years, the scroll wheel started having issues.

At about its 2-year-old mark, the scroll wheel starts got wonky. Whenever I scroll downwards, it’ll scroll down a little bit, then get stuck and scrolled upwards instead.
I thought to myself “mama… just killed a mouse…

ASUS ROG Gladius
Farewell, sweet prince?

Then I remembered – hey, this is the ASUS ROG Gladius. It’s meant to be opened, no? I mean, they did advertise that the entire ROG Gladius can be opened up to change the two clickers.

Hence, that’s what I did. It is to be noted that the scroll wheel on my ROG Gladius is still working well – just that dust got in the way. If your scroll wheel has traveled kilometers of distance, then it might be a hardware failure entirely, not the dust’s fault.

Dismantling the mouse

The first generation of the ROG Gladius is a little more conventional when it comes to dismantling. It requires all of the mouse feet to be removed first to gain access to the screws. All other mice I’ve seen require the same steps too. Just be careful in removing the feet so you don’t damage them.

Once the feet and screws were removed, I popped open the top cover effortlessly and I didn’t see anything wrong, actually. Hmmm… that’s weird.

ASUS ROG Gladius scroll wheel
There was something, just that I didn’t look at it more carefully.

So I started removing the screws holding the scroll wheel. I thought to myself – well, this is the end, isn’t it?

I then plugged it in while all the components are exposed – and I saw this.

ASUS ROG Gladius scroll wheel

The disgusting scroll wheel

Just what in the world is that? I took pictures quickly with my phone (hence the quality) and got to work. It interfered with the laser that dictates the scroll wheel, too. Ah, so that’s where my problem lies.

ASUS ROG Gladius scroll wheel

First – removing that thing. I took two precision screwdrivers that I have laying around and used it like a pair of chopsticks to take it out. Turns out, it’s more like a ball of dust, lint, dead skin cells, and hair that got rolled up in there.

ASUS ROG Gladius scroll wheel
It’s ugly, I know.

As for the remaining “dirt” that’s in there, I took a ply of alcohol swab and used my makeshift chopsticks to wipe those hard to reach areas. After that, I wiped the wheel itself and also the outer shell of the mouse.

Once that’s done, I screwed everything back in and left the shell out to do a quick test. To my surprise – it works just fine! WOW! And here I thought I’ll need to get another mouse already!

I then screwed everything back in place, reattached the mouse feet, and with a sigh of relief, the mouse now works like it’s brand new again. The scroll wheel is in tip top condition, and I spent a few dimes for a ply of alcohol swab and about half an hour to fix this issue.

I’ve been using it for days since I fixed up the scroll wheel and I have to say – it feels brand new. Seriously, I thought I’ll need to lube up the scroll wheel to fix it – but no, just opening it up to get a closer look and there I found a ball of disgust there. Clean that out and I’m good to go!

What’s the point of this post then?

My point is simple – if there’s something wrong with your peripheral, don’t be afraid to open up and take a look at it.

Most of the time, the answer is right in front of you. Just be sure to look carefully and test as you go. You’ll fix it for sure.

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