ASUS VivoBook S14/S15

The android system has been undergoing various reconstruction by various phone manufacturer since the birth of Android OS. Customized UI was developed on top of stock Android to give a unique experience across different model and brand of Android phones. However, this has gone out of control and develops into bloatwares, bugs and various end-user complications. Some even gone to the point of reflashing their phones to pure stock Android to get rid of the problems.


Nexus and Flash will fully embrace the stock Android. Being Google’s own product, the Nexus is equipped with the most stock version of Android OS of the year which sets as a benchmark to all other phones in the market.

Nexus 6p what was launched in September 2015 carries the new standard of Google flagship phone. The performance was outstanding and had been able to compete with the Samsung S6 and Note 5. Good sales performance was also recorded during its period in the market since.


Flash was introduced in September 2015 on Flash 2 mobile phone and fully equipped with stock Android L OS that was unveiled during 2014 Global Developers Congress.


Android L OS adapts the new Material Design interface that supports new animation, 3D view and real time shadow among many other interesting and beautiful features. Flash 2 is hoping to initiate the new trend of stock Android OS into the mobile phone market. Not only stock Android OS improves performance, it also give users the freedom to choose their own customization as to their beneficial needs just like the Nexus phones.

Flash 2 is equipped with the stock Android L OS to provide simplified but not simple, fashionable but not superfluous user experience.
– Michael Chen, Deputy General Manager, Mobile Internet Group, TCL Communication

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