During the HONOR View20 global launch at Paris nearly a month ago, we were told that the 60FPS version of Fortnite for Android will come in the near future. Now, we already know that 60FPS is already available on supported devices.

HONOR has stated that Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite, has listed the HONOR View20 which we reviewed here to be one of the first 3 devices that will support 60FPS version of Fortnite for Android. We are unable to find which other devices are supporting 60FPS yet but we presume that the Huawei Mate 20 series of smartphones are able to do so since they are using they Kirin 980 chipset as well.

MSI Creator 17 Mini-LED

HONOR View20

While the View20 does already support 60FPS gameplay right now, it has been exclaimed that there will be a software update coming soon that will boost the refresh rate capabilities of the phone.

HONOR View20

As a celebration of the partnership, owners of the HONOR View20 will also be able to retrieve in the upcoming weeks a highly anticipated and exclusive skin called HONOR Guard. This announcement was also made back during the HONOR View20’s grand launch in Paris.

HONOR View20

This optimization is done in collaboration between HONOR and Epic Games to optimize Unreal Engine on HONOR View20. We tried it for ourselves, and yes – indeed we can run Fortnite for Android at 60FPS right now.

However – there is a catch. The HONOR View20 cannot run the game at its highest settings at 60FPS as of now. Selecting 60FPS will drop the graphical settings back to “high” instead of “epic”. Perhaps this will be improved in the future software as HONOR did mention that a software update to improve the game performance is coming soon.

HONOR View20 Fortnite for Android 60FPS

As of now, the View20 is one of the first smartphone that actually supports Fortnite for Android at 60FPS. We will update this page when we find more details regarding the hardware requirement for Android phones to run at 60FPS. As of now, only the iPhone Xr, iPhone Xs, and iPhone Xs Max are able to run at 60FPS.

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