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Call it however you like – this has happened and is happening right now. We can’t change it but doesn’t stop us from taking a look at it and offering our two cents on this issue. So first of all, we’d like to highly and put out a disclaimer the unit of the Galaxy Note10+ in our unboxing video is not the local Malaysian unit.

We had two units on our hands – one review unit that is not from Malaysia, and another local unit that is from the local pre-order. We can confirm for ourselves that the Malaysian units are indeed missing some “adapters”, as per reported by Soya Cincau.

Samsung Galaxy Note10+ accessories Malaysia unit
These are the only accessories you get with the Malaysian variant.

The “adapters” that are absent are:

  • USB-A to USB-C
  • Micro USB to USB-C
Samsung Galaxy Note10+ accessories Malaysia unit
USB-A to USB-C on the left, micro USB to USB-C on the right.

But why the big fuss over these two adapters? Taking a step back and look at the situation, we think it doesn’t actually matter – at least to many of us. Here’s why.

The use of USB-A to USB-C adapter

Power users around the world – I think I can say that these adapters are crucial, especially the USB-A to USB-C adapter. Having the ability to transfer files to a USB flash drive using that adapter is just 👌 convenient. But then again, the included adapter doesn’t even support USB 3.0 – so it’s slow.

Samsung Galaxy Note10+ accessories Malaysia unit
USB 3.0 flash drive vs USB 2.0 adapter

Yet with many different methods of transferring data – either through cloud storage or even Telegram messenger. As an added bonus, you get data redundancy by transferring via the internet. That’s a much safer option.

Samsung Galaxy Note10+ accessories Malaysia unit
Not to forget – this is a physically fragile setup. And we just happen to have a Samsung flash drive lying around.

This adapter also enables phones to power up USB fans or USB LED lights. Impractical, but possible.

Samsung Galaxy Note10+ accessories Malaysia unit
Not sure why, but yeah…

The use of micro USB to USB-C adapter

Now this one in particular – it’s useful for older power banks that still require micro USB cables for charging. This little adapter is useful in this case – and I bought a few extras a few years ago. Though nowadays, I don’t even use power banks as often since my phone(s) can last through the day easily.

Also, if you want to use Samsung’s Smart Switch feature, you have two options – either by using WiFi or using cables. For older phones that you want to transfer via cables but do not have USB-C, then yes – you will need this adapter if you want to use Samsung Smart Switch using cables. Very specific use case, if you ask me.

Samsung Galaxy Note10+ accessories Malaysia unit
Transferring via USB-C to USB-C cable that is already included with the Galaxy Note10 series.

But for more modern smartphones with USB-C, then you don’t even have to worry about this. Why? Because the Galaxy Note10 series of smartphones come with a USB-C to USB-C cable outright. You don’t need any adapters to use Samsung Smart Switch – just plug them in. That’s what my sister did to her Galaxy Note10+ while transferring from her Galaxy Note8.

So… are these missing adapters a big issue?

No, not really. They’re nice to have but not a necessity. Many people are quick to jump in and vent out frustration towards Samsung Malaysia but taking a step back and look at the entire situation… it doesn’t seem to be that big of a deal anyway.

And I also don’t understand why there are two separate variants of accessories included in the box. Either way, most customers don’t even use them anyway. At this point in time, we are unsure if other regions of the world are getting the same set of accessories as Malaysians.

EDIT: Comparing the 256GB Galaxy Note10+ prices, the US price is $1,099 but Malaysian is only at RM4,199 (~$1,001.90). It’s cheaper to buy those adapters from Lazada or Shopee.

The real missing adapter – USB-C to 3.5mm audio jack

Yeah, I think not having this adapter is a problem. Samsung only included their AKG earphones with USB-C instead. I just can’t give up on audio jacks just yet.

Moreover, Samsung phones don’t work with any simple USB-C to 3.5mm audio jacks just yet. We tried asked around and tried on a few Samsung phones – and it has been confirmed that it only supports USB-C to 3.5mm audio jack dongles that has a built-in DAC.

At least we still get the AKG earphones in the box.

Samsung Galaxy Note10+ accessories Malaysia unit

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