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There is no denying that last year’s Galaxy Z Fold3 and the Galaxy Z Flip3 are really popular since their debut last year. There were numerous shortage issues causing delays in terms of shipping. Samsung also said that foldables are now mainstream since it has shipped an estimated 10 million units worldwide from all brands – and a majority of it from Samsung, of course.

However, as the world of foldables is still very new, we explored a lot of uncharted territories. From different kinds of use case scenarios like metalworking shops to construction sites, or even users like me who just want to use it as a media consumption and email machine (surprisingly good email machine), there are a few glaring issues regarding the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip3.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3

Since I was a Galaxy Z Fold3 user before jumping to the Galaxy S22 Ultra (reason in the video below), I have joined a fair share of Z Fold3 user groups and seen a lot of people with different usage requirements throughout the months.

Of course, there were also complaints regarding some of the vagueness in terms of its warranty policy in terms of what is covered and what is not, and how the replacement costs are calculated.

There were a few things highlighted during this discussion that I personally took interest in.

Further clarification and developed warranty policy

This is one of the biggest points of our discussion. As a customer, we are all worried that after spending so much money on a premium device that is known to be a bit more fragile and requires so much care, we want the best of the best service possible so that our device is protected and ensured that device is covered if any issues arise or damaged.

I do think that for foldable to be mainstream, a form of trust and confidence needs to be established first.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3

As a reviewer, I have the privilege to see all the comments and gather all the information to provide back to Samsung. Surprisingly, Samsung Malaysia is indeed aware of the issue and they are aware of nearly all of the issues, even the issues with demo units in stores.

Due to the lack of time that we had, we focused on three particular points:

  • An improved and more detailed warranty policy
    • While Samsung Malaysia did not share much information about this, it could have been improved definitions for different scenarios. For example, if a device’s screen is damaged or the included screen protector bubbled up on its own, how will the warranty be?
  • The peeling of the included, internal screen protector
    • Samsung obviously advises against peeling it out but I have seen the screen protector peeling off by itself. They are aware of this issue and Samsung Malaysia told us that there is a free one-time replacement for this screen protector (no questions asked).
  • How about applying another screen protector on top of the current screen protector?
    • This is something I personally saw as someone posted their genius idea online. They applied the Whitestone Dome’s screen protector on top of the existing screen protector provided in the factory by Samsung. I personally advise against doing this as it will cause the crease bend to be more severe and potentially causing cracks around that part of the display. This is uncharted territory and Samsung Malaysia said that they will look into such situations to serve customers better in the future.

As a customer, I do hope that we get some leeway toward the customer’s side. I had been in a similar position before (not with Samsung) and that extra leeway truly made me a loyal customer.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3

Mid-range foldable devices are possible, but the cost is not on the specs itself

You see, the main technology abut foldable devices is not the chipset or the camera, or the amount of RAM that you have. The main cost of the hardware is from the hinge and also the folding display.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3

However, a mid-range foldable device is still possible. When foldables become more mainstream and more amounts of folding screen and hinges are produced, the price goes down. Hence, the technology can trickle down to a more affordable price range.

Galaxy Z Flip and Z Fold - roundtable discussion with Samsung Malaysia 1

We have already seen this phenomenon happen twice. There was a drastic price drop during the transition from the first Galaxy Fold to the Galaxy Z Fold2, and the most recent and the most drastic price drop from the Galaxy Z Fold2 to the Galaxy Z Fold3. Even the Galaxy Z Flip to the Z Flip3 had a massive price drop.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3

It’s possible that in the future, we can have a mid-range foldable device. As for how a mid-range foldable device differentiates itself from a high-end premium foldable device though, only time will tell.


While our discussion was rather brief, the discussion was fruitful and we’re glad to know that Samsung Malaysia is on the same page as the consumers when it comes to the warranty policy program. I mean, the employees at Samsung Malaysia are also customers themselves. They’ll need to serve their customers right or else someone is going to get in trouble.

Galaxy Z Flip and Z Fold - roundtable discussion with Samsung Malaysia 2

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