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Home-grown Malaysia-based 6Biz Group has released the latest all-in-one office solution, GoKudos that brings convenience and efficiency to companies that are looking to save up the 2 fundamentals of business – Time and money.

GoKudos AI

A project born with the help of MIMOS and pilot tested by a group of users, the application is created with non-IT professionals in mind that enable even standard office and administration users to work with efficiency and with ease. GoKudos tackles workflow efficiency in categories of management towards Tasks, Documents, and Payments.

First off, the automating task reminders can be made from a central interface to target any user including yourself, colleagues, and also clients to make sure they are consistently reminded at fixed intervals for critical tasks. Gathering documents will also be less hassle through the centralized cloud storage server while the AI-based debt collector will notify clients on your behalf to make sure they clear up all pending payments. All in all, GoKudos is a one-stop solution that takes over the manual task of reminders and does them for you.

Where can I get this? Any trials?

The GoKudos suite can be acquired through the official website and it is actually free at the very least with limited features as a baseline to let you try it out. Monthly and yearly subscription plans are available as well that starts from RM99 per month. The price is quite compelling too as smaller companies can utilize the service without shelling out too much budget just for CRM software.

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