Movie goers – now is the time to head out and experience the Onyx Cinema LED screen at Golden Screen Cinemas! GSC unveiled Malaysia’s first cinema LED screen powered by the Samsung Onyx, designed to deliver ultra-sharp high definition visuals and great sound.

GSC Unveils Samsung Onyx Cinema LED Screen

Located at Hall 11 of GSC’s flagship Mid Valley Megamall cinema, the 33.8 feet wide and 16.4 feet high (10.3 meters wide and 5 meters tall), the Samsung Onyx Cinema LED screen enlivens content by showcasing greater detail and colour vibrancy in 4K resolution. It is the world’s first Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI)-compliant High Dynamic Range (HDR) LED theatre display, which can achieve peak brightness levels of 146fL (foot-lambert) or about 500 nits. Since it is an LED screen, it enables pristine whites and deepest blacks with a nearly infinite contrast ratio.

GSC Unveils Samsung Onyx Cinema LED Screen

Supplementing this magnificent viewing experience, audio is from Samsung’s Audio Lab and JBL by HARMAN Professional Solutions. By integrating powerful speakers on the edge of the screen, Onyx is able to establish an expanded audio “sweet spot” throughout the theater’s seating area.

Additionally, the hall also features plush eco-leather seats that makes watching a movie a luxuriously comfortable treat from start to finish.

GSC Unveils Samsung Onyx Cinema LED Screen

Innovation is the lifeblood of Golden Screen Cinemas and we are committed to pioneering new technology and advancements that reinvent the way our customers enjoy the magic of the movies. The arrival of Onyx in Malaysia is a momentous milestone for the cinema industry, as it is poised to reshape the way we look at the cinema in the future. As a leading cinema exhibitor, we are constantly seeking ways to provide our customers great value through our range of value promotions, F&B offerings, and the latest cinema tech. We believe that Onyx complements the variety of high-quality alternative content that we offer at our cinema like e-sports, live musical performances and more, giving our customers unforgettable movie experiences that they can only enjoy with us at Golden Screen Cinemas.

– Ms. Koh Mei Lee, Chief Executive Officer of Golden Screen Cinemas.

“But what about the price?”, you might ask. Good question – GSC is only charging an additional RM1.50 for the Onyx hall on top of the regular ticket prices. As of now, tickets to catch Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom on the Onyx Cinema LED screen are now available for purchase.

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