Following the trends that we see for the past few years, it’s always Huawei who promotes their devices with the most advanced technologies with ridiculous prices (look at the P30 Pro price). A few months down the line, HONOR will launch an affordable and reasonably-priced doppelgänger at a fraction of Huawei’s price. Now, HONOR is already teasing the upcoming HONOR 20.

HONOR started teasing by posting up lots of themed math questions. These questions are rather… jarring, to say the least. While Chinese have the superstition against the number “4”, HONOR made sure that they highlighted the number “4” by shining a spotlight on it.

This first question is asking about the launch date with an image of the Tower Bridge at the background. The math question is 444+4x4x4+(4+4)/4+44/4 and the answer is 521. Obviously, this means May 21st. A little over a month from now only.

The second question asks what phone will be launching on May 21st. Once again, math question. This time around it is no longer highlighting the number “4” but instead has a bunch of numbers. HONOR Malaysia is also cheeky enough to include #TripleTheFun in this post.

The answer for this question is 20. Hence the HONOR 20, which is actually due for an upgrade as the HONOR 10 was announced about a year ago.

One logical reason we have on why the number “4” is pretty obvious – the number of cameras. That means the #TripleTheFun means you have 3 dedicated cameras – an ultrawide camera, a main camera, and another telephoto camera. The 4th camera here might be a 3D TOF camera, as seen (and loved) on the HONOR View20.

From what we know now, the HONOR 20 will be launching at London with the tagline #CaptureWonder.

We will continue to update this post when we have more information.

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