HONOR has been pretty outstanding over the years as they are always partnering up with high fashion brands. The HONOR View20 that was launched in January has a specially design version that is co-designed by Moschino. Now with the HONOR 20 Lite, they are collaborating with AAPE.

AAPE, a clothing brand from Harajuku, Japan, is well known for their cheeky designs that never really take themselves too seriously. Some of the designs are quite bizarre, which is why many people like its unusual look. With that said, they brought their unique design to the HONOR 20 Lite with a bit of a camouflage look.

This AAPE special edition HONOR 20 Lite was just launched at China (known as HONOR 20i there) and it is available in two different colors – blue, and pink.

The AAPE special edition was also mentioned during the HONOR 20 Lite launch earlier today, but we are not sure when it will arrive to the Malayian market. We also do not have the price or availability information, whether it will be in Malaysian in limited units or however the case may be.

In whichever case, the HONOR 20 Lite is a brand new mid-range smartphone with the Kirin 710 chipset, 4GB RAM, and also 128GB storage, and also HONOR’s first ever triple rear-facing camera smartphone.

Sporting a main camera, ultrawide camera, and a depth sensor, the HONOR 20 Lite is made to take great pictures with lots of flexibility and without the high price.

You can check out our full review of the HONOR 20 Lite by clicking here. It is a smartphone with a unique proposition.

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