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At the annual VivaTech conference, HONOR has announced they are hopping onto the AI game as well but with a much higher ambition than just a usual “here’s something with AI” showcase.

HONOR 4-layer AI Architecture with Google Cloud (1)

Let’s begin with what the 4-layer AI architecture is about. First, they focused on Cross-device and Cross-OS AI developed from an open ecosystem that shares computing power and services among a group of devices and OSes.

Then, it is supplemented to the Platform-level AI layer tailored towards a personalization system that smartly morphs one preference through intent-based human-computer interaction.

Next, the App-level AI provides things like Gen-AI as a feature, service, or application for next-level user experience while Cloud-AI covers cloud computing and servers with easy access to various online features that will shape holistic and future AI experience.

HONOR 4-layer AI Architecture with Google Cloud (2)

They also gave some teaser about the upcoming HONOR 200 series smartphones with strong AI capabilities that help capture fast-moving subjects with ease as well as professional class lighting and shadow tuning in collaboration with French photography studio Studio Harcourt.

The phones will be launching on June 12 in Paris for those who are wondering. The new MagicOS 8.0 which is an “intent-based” UI, will be delivered to more phones in the future.

Lastly, an insightful panel discussion about AI and multimodal interactions featured Dr. Justine Cassell which she highlighted:

“Humans live multimodally. The rise of on-body devices like rings, and pins, alongside powerful smartphones, shows growing comfort with AI integrating verbal language, nonverbal cues like gestures and facial expressions, and
paraverbal elements like speech intonation. This predicts the adoption of multimodally-sensitive AI on phones. The more modalities that we can engage into an AI system, the more different kinds of people we can help with that AI system”

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