HONOR just made some interesting new announcements – and with it comes the groundbreaking news of a brand new chipset called Honghu. This is a part of the new “HONOR Vision” which seems like they want to be completely independent of Huawei – or at least from the surface level. Within this vision also comes the new “HONOR Vision” alongside a popup smart camera for large screens.

At the Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) in Guangzhou, President of HONOR, Mr. George Zhao, has announced that the new “HONOR Vision” will have a brand new chipset that is unheard of – the Honghu 818. With it comes a new popup smart camera for large screens, and also a new “Sharp Tech” concept that embraces the latest cutting-edge technologies.


Under the “Sharp Tech”, HONOR is looking to be the forefront of developing independent innovation in the industry while meeting high-quality demands from its customers too. HONOR has always made an emphasis on “being young” and with the new HONOR Vision, they’re doing the same as well.

HONOR Vision GMIC Honghu 818

Then comes the new and exciting announcement – the new “Honghu 818” chipset. They claim it to be an intelligent chipset with “smart sound and image”, promising “superior image and sound quality” when accompanied by a “smart screen”. It is said that this screen will also be provided openly to manufacturers so that other smartphone brands can use it as well.

It is said that the Honghu 818 chipset is the result of 5 years’ worth of R&D and will be available globally. It combines motion estimation and compensation, HDR, super-resolution upscaling, noise reduction, dynamic contrast improvement, auto color management, and local dimming (this is important) to achieve “superior image quality”. It also combines the Histen audio to provide better audio.

From what we are able to deduce, Honghu 818 is a combination of ISP (image signal processor) and DSP (digital signal processor, in this context is a DAC for audio) to become an SoC instead of an all-purpose SoC like Qualcomm and Kirin. In our press release, only the word “SoC” is used with no mention of it being an ISP chip.

The new Honghu 818 will be launching as soon as August – so we’ll have to wait just a while more to see what’s going on.

Then comes the popup camera. It seems like HONOR is creating a TV that is powered by the Honghu 818 chipset with a popup camera???? We’re not sure and it seems like there are many things that are lost in translation here. In whichever case, the HONOR Vision will be officially released in mid-August 2019.

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