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There comes a day when a smartphone’s launch is so anticipated, everyone just drops whatever they’re doing to at least spectate the launch itself. Honor clearly knows about this, and that’s why the Honor 8’s launch is so fantastic. We’ve talked about the Honor 8 before here, and Honor is even going to give out great swag to those who are pre-purchasing too!

Honor 8

Words can’t describe how beautiful the Honor 8 really is, and this one picture alone by Victor from Vtechgraphy really shows the beauty of it.

ASUS ZenBook 14 AMD

As a quick recap, the Honor 8 feats a 5.2.-inch full-HD display with 96% high-coour gamut and has a lot of screen-enhancing technology built into it. Powered by the Kirin 950 processor with 16nm FinFET process which was explained here, the Honor 8 just doesn’t disappoint anyone at all. Oh, let’s not forget about the fast-charging feature for that 3,000mAh battery that it has. Get up to 47% of battery in just 30 minutes of charge with Honor’s Smart Power 4.0!

As for its availability, the Honor 8 comes in 4 colour variants because we can, and they’re too nice. It comes in Sapphire Blue, Sunrise Gold, Pearl White, and Midnight Black. There are some differences with the colours too, as the Pearl White and Midnight Black standard variants are come with 4GB and 32GB storage and priced at RM1,699, whereas the premium variant for both Sapphire Blue and Sunrise Gold comes with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage are priced at RM1,899.

It’ll be available in retail stores this 8th September (tomorrow!) and it’ll be for sale both online and offline. That means you can shop on Vmall Malaysia and Lazada if you’re an online person, or head on over to DirectD or SenHeng Malaysia to make your purchase!

Honor 5A

Here comes another announcement by Honor themselves. This time, Honor included a decently-sized 5.5-inch smartphone with 720p display, powered by a Kirin 620 chipset and coupled with 2GB RAM with 16GB internal storage. Of course, it does have a microSD card slot as well. It packs a massive 3,100mAh battery too, so you can take photos with its 13MP rear-facing camra and 8MP selfie camera all day while playing some Pokemon Go.


It’s available in black and white – yet it’s priced only at RM599, whereas the Gold colour variant costs a little more – at RM629.

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