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We have talked a lot about low-latency wireless audio in the past. Up until today, aptX LL remains relatively elusive. And today, we’re going to tell you how we can actually get the magnificent wireless low-latency wireless audio.

What we have here is a full set of peripherals from Ugreen. We have a Bluetooth audio transmitter and another Bluetooth audio receiver – both of them are aptX LL-compatible. Remember – you need both transmitter and receiver to have aptX LL to actually use aptX LL.

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The pros

Ugreen’s new aptX LL transmitter is made to be compact and made to be a companion to the Nintendo Switch. I think they’re calling this the Mario color scheme where you have both red and blue parts.

Ugreen Switch Bluetooth Audio Transmitter

Its design is pretty smart as there is a hinged part that makes it compatible with basically every single Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite cases. But… it’s not compatible with the original dock. You’ll have to get this little cable for it.

Ugreen Switch Bluetooth Audio Transmitter

However, this also means that we can plug it into any smartphones with a 3.5mm audio jack to enjoy aptX LL. And since it has a 180° turn, it won’t even hinder the user’s grip on the smartphone while gaming!

Ugreen Switch Bluetooth Audio Transmitter

Since we have the aptX LL receiver, I can use any other wired headphones, earphones, or speakers wirelessly with ultra-low latency.

The cons

Using this Ugreen Switch wireless audio transmitter means you’ll have to charger yet another device. The charging port is at the bottom – which I’m glad it’s USB-C and not micro USB. But the receiver is using micro USB for charging, though.

Ugreen Switch Bluetooth Audio Transmitter

In total, we have a total of 3 devices to charge, just to enjoy aptX LL.

A little bit of information on Bluetooth audio codec and aptX LL

There are a bunch of true wireless earbuds, or TWS, in the market that is advertised as “low latency” and from my personal experience with all of them, it’s bullcrap. None of them are using aptX LL codec, and hence – they’re not “low-latency”.

Ugreen Switch Bluetooth Audio Transmitter

It doesn’t matter if it’s Bluetooth 4.2 or Bluetooth 5.0, this latency issue persists across SBC, AAC, and even both aptX and LDAC codecs. They’re not purpose-made to be low latency. Only aptX LL is truly low latency.

Of course, there are new technologies on the way which may improve the wireless audio latency – like the Vivo TWS Neo that uses aptX Adaptive codec, which changes between aptX HD and aptX LL dynamically. But then again, your phone – the transmitter – will need to support aptX Adaptive to fully take advantage of this technology.

Sorry for going off on a tangent here, by the way.

Should you buy the Ugreen Bluetooth 3.5mm Transmitter Adapter for Nintendo Switch aptX LL?

Okay, Ugreen – you really need to fix your product naming scheme – but that’s besides the point.

Either way, this is a great product. The transmitter alone costs RM82.99, but if you want to use it with your dock, then you’ll need yet another dongle – which totals up to RM112.99.

The aptX LL receiver will cost about RM58.89, but I’m unsure if Ugreen is going to restock this particular product, since it’s out of stock. Else, you gotta buy Ugreen’s other aptX LL receivers.

Where to buy?

Ugreen Bluetooth Audio Transmitter

Ugreen Bluetooth Audio Receiver

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