Mobile gaming has become the dominant force in the games industry, driven by the revenues of in-app purchases. However, change is coming, and the unsustainable structure of the mobile gaming market seems incompatible with what’s to come.

A cousin of sorts, mobile casino gaming, is separated enough from this due to the way that gambling games offer a different form of entertainment. However, the industry is established and competitive enough that brands recognize that the best way to appeal to players is by offering the best possible experience. Now, it looks as though the convenience of mobile gaming – its major selling-point, is going to be usurped by a higher quality of convenient gaming.

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Not one, but two massive companies are en route to delivering video game streaming to mobile phones. Those huge triple-A games that only dedicated consoles and PCs can handle will soon arrive at users’ convenience on mobile phones. It’s coming very soon, and to evolve and survive in this competition, mobile gaming should look to the online casino industry to see how they can improve the service to stand out when video game streaming arrives.

Emphasize on the quality of the niche

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Anyone who has ventured around the top-grossing mobile games of the last five years will know that the same theme runs through pretty much all of them. Be it solving puzzles, building bases, dressing people up, or growing a town; at some point, players will encounter freemium paywalls. However, this isn’t a unique selling point, or even a selling point, and yet it is the way that these games are recognized.

With mobile casino gaming, brands are exploring nearly every possible way to stand out in the competitive field. One method which has proven to work has been leaning into the most popular aspects of a platform – in this case, the jackpots, and tying the most popular online betting games to new jackpots. Fully committing to this stance, more jackpots were introduced with further deviation from the norm, such as with ones that drop daily and others that climb to greater amounts.

The gambling platform found that improving its games with popular aspects was the best way to stand out and compete. In mobile gaming, the scene has become stagnant, despite the ever-more-powerful tech running the games, and due to the scene finding success and settling for the freemium model. As pay-to-play games have struggled against the free-to-download titles, competing on quality, which would require an upfront price to cover development, became unfeasible. However, with video game streaming, the mobile titles will need to find a key gameplay feature that players enjoy and lean into it.

Enhance the convenience of convenient gaming

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The main selling point of these top-grossing mobile titles is convenience. The freemium model runs throughout, the gameplay isn’t revolutionary, but as they’re convenient and free-to-download, people play. The online casino brands saw this early, so naturally moved into the mobile space. However, to enhance their appeal, they didn’t go with a single app per game: they made all of their online games convenient to play within one app.

It would likely require some consolidation in the field, but there are some dominant publishers and developers that could get this done. Not only would it enhance convenience, but it would also give fundamentally good games the chance to stick around for long enough to get noticed. As it stands, mobile games arrive and then fade from the app storefronts almost every day. The closest to this right now can be seen in the innovative mobile subscription service Apple Arcade, which has its own section in the App Store.

In the mostly uninterrupted space of mobile gaming, video game streaming is about to offer paying and dedicated smartphone gamers a very good reason to stray. The games will be more convenient, with them all being accessible within an app, and of a much higher quality. The current model is unsustainable, and future mobile titles will need to offer something more substantial than what currently passes as top-tier mobile gaming.

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