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One new feature that Huawei touted a lot these days is the new MeeTime feature. It’s technically a feature that’s similar to Google Hangouts but of course. Because of the orange man, Huawei decided to develop its own feature called MeeTime.

There are a few questions on how to use this feature. So, today we’ll show you a step-by-step guide on how to start using MeeTime and call your friends. Then, we’ll also show you what features are available on MeeTime that I really like.

I recommend you watch this video as we show everything that we are talking about in this video.

To find the MeeTime option, it’s in the Contacts app. Just launch your Contacts app and you can see “MeeTime” at the bottom right corner of the menu. By tapping on that, it shows the menu asking you to set it up.

Just give all the permissions that it’s asking for – and login via your Huawei ID if you haven’t already done so. Then, wait for a moment and a list of contacts that can be called via MeeTime will show up. Just press on that “call” button and your friend’s device will ring.

Huawei MeeTime How To

MeeTime is surprisingly easy to use and it does come with all of the basic features that I’ve come to expect from these video chat services – like switching between the selfie and rear camera.

There is also a beautification feature built into the MeeTime so you can make yourself looking unnaturally “beautiful” while video calling your friends. Seriously though, if you can’t show your true self to your friends – then are you even friends in the first place?

Huawei MeeTime How To

MeeTime manages to surprise me by including yet another feature – screen sharing. So imagine this – you’re video chatting with your friend and you just want to get their opinion on a bag. You took your Huawei MatePad Pro (review here) called them up via MeeTime, opened up screen sharing, took the M-Pencil, and started doodling on the screen to ask your friend the questions.

I’d say MeeTime is nicely integrated into Huawei’s EMUI. However, MeeTime should also have a separate icon app on the home screen itself, not just hiding in the Contacts app like it is now.

And that’s how you use MeeTime!

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