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Huawei is really serious when it comes to us Malaysians – and they’re opening their first ever regional flagship store in Malaysia. This flagship store is located in Pavillion Elite – which in my opinion, very accessible. So, what does the flagship store has?

First off, it occupies a massive 4,476 square feet. Secondly,  it serves as a one-stop center for onsite services, send-for-repair service, and even a private product consultation sessions. By offering these 3 services, Huawei Malaysia aims to bring you the utmost value for the product you purchase. A very nice initiative from Huawei Malaysia, actually.

MSI Creator 17 Mini-LED

Regional Flagship Store

Anyone can spew out multiple flagship smartphones within a year (looking at you, Sony) but if there are zero initiatives for post-sales services, then I don’t see how customers can have a satisfying experience.

“Since Huawei first set foot in Malaysia six years ago, we have seen tremendous opportunities this country has to offer and with the continuous support from our consumers and partners, we have been able to reach new heights”
– Carlson Leong, Retail Director of Consumer Business Group Huawei Malaysia.

As a flagship store, Huawei Malaysia will have its massive selection of smartphones, tablets, and wearables available for all to experience in the store itself. Of course, there is a humongous selection of accessories available in the store too.

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