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I think the best way to start this off is the seriousness of this issue, but a little more context is needed. This is the Huawei P10 and the P10 Plus’s situation now – it uses two different types of RAM and a total of 3 different types of storage technologies. Here’s why it matters.

Firstly, let’s talk about the storage chip issue, as that’s the precursor to everything that we know now. A few days ago, someone found out that there is a major difference in storage speeds for the Huawei P10. Naturally, many users of the P10 chipped in to grow the sample size pool, so there’s a solid sample size to base facts on.

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It was eventually found that the P10 uses three different types of flash chips – eMMC 5.1, UFS 2.0, and UFS 2.1. As for the RAM, it’s a much more straightforward determination. You can download an app called AIDA64, launch it, click on System and you can see how much RAM and its type beside it.

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The way to determine which flash chip you have is by using Androbench, then have a look at your read speeds. Up until now, I’ve seen a total of 3 categories of read speeds from Androbench – and there’s a jarring difference.

  • Category 1: ~250MB/s
  • Category 2: ~550MB/s
  • Category 3: ~750MB/s

In the case of the P10 that I have with me right now, it’s running on UFS 2.0 storage chip with LPDDR4 RAM. I got about 550MB/s read speeds on Androbench. It’s not just speeds that matter too, actually. According to JEDEC, it’s specified that LPDDR4 RAM operates at a voltage of 1.1V compared to LPDDR3 that requires an operating voltage of 1.2V instead.

When I first discovered this – I was dumbfounded. I thought to myself – “seriously?” This is not a new “practice” either, as both Samsung and Apple had done such things in the past. However, I think this is the first time that there are two different components that are varied. What if you get LPDDR3 with eMMC 5.1? That’s definitely not good – and you’ll still be paying the full price of a Huawei P10 after all.

The full statement published on Android Authority essentially means that Huawei admits that there are multiple variants of the P10, and it doesn’t seem like Huawei will be taking any action to fix this issue. Also, there’s no way to determine what you’ll be getting by looking at the box alone. You’ll have to unbox the whole P10 and run a few apps just to know what you’re getting.

We’ll surely update on this issue when we have more information. Till then, will you still be buying a Huawei P10? What are your thoughts on this entire controversy? Let us know down in the comments below.

[UPDATE]: Huawei Mobile Chief, Richard Yu, admitted that they swapped memory chips, claims it’s a “wake-up call” with “profound lesson”

According to Android Authority‘s translation of Richard’s statement on Weibo, they claim that this is a wake-up call for the company, and also admits that he responded “inappropriately” and said Huawei’s original statement on the issue was “arrogant”. To be frank, I agree completely, especially on the last point.

However, there’s more to the story. Yu claims to have to set up a “customer listening taskforce” to better work together with the consumers, so there’s a more direct connection and feedback with the people. Yu also stated that Huawei had been “running too fast these past few years, or lost sight of our original vision”.

If you’re thinking of a possibility of them recalling the Huawei P10/Plus or the Mate 9/Pro, then tough luck. So far, there are no mentions of a recall or refund. I seriously think that Huawei should learn a thing or two from Samsung.

I mean seriously, Samsung’s case is much more serious and they handled that crisis professionally and smoothly. All updates on the Note7 were clear and there were no beating around the bush. I mean, just take a look at all of the updates they gave here. Clear and concise on what they’re going to do, irregardless of the confirmation on the whole issue.

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