[UPDATED] Intel Chips With “Vega Inside” Coming Soon?

ASUS VivoBook S14/S15

There’s apparently an image floating around that there is an Intel chip with Vega graphics inside. Yes – that AMD Vega. There’s this little blurry image that makes out the word “VEGA INSIDE”, referencing Intel’s iconic whatever-Inside phrase.

There were rumors that Intel is indeed working with AMD to have Radeon graphics integrated into Intel’s chips, as a replacement for their iGPUs. We do not have any other information about it, but now we have the slightest amount of information available.

Intel VEGA INSIDEFor all we can tell from this image, the Intel chips with “Vega Inside” is presumably for mobile. Other parts of the image are just too small to be seen.

When it comes to these things, it’s always good to take it with a pinch of salt.

We’ll definitely update more when we have the information.

[UPDATE]: False alarm, guys!

Alright, this is a big false alarm, as it has recently been debunked that the “Vega Inside” is actually from Intel’s employee appreciation campaign, as explained by the Manifesto Agency.

It’s a campaign that takes a spin on Intel’s “X inside, Y outside” formula and applied it to employees.

[UPDATED] Intel Chips With "Vega Inside" Coming Soon? 1

The alleged leak we have is actually a coincidence – as the employee’s name is indeed Vega and his achievement is on mobile performance. What are the chances?

Like what we’ve always said, rumors are always to be taken with a pinch of salt – and one thing is for sure, AMD GPUs in Intel chips won’t be coming soon – if it’s true, that is.

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  1. […] 但是后来越传越神乎,可是Intel却实时跑出来否定了有相关的产物打算。比来国外媒体NLT拿到了新的证据,就是一张Intel挪动版CPU新品宣传海报,下面赫然印有“Vega inside”字样,莫非用AMD显卡手艺还不敷,还要搭上Vega这种分量级产物?这一切疑点重重。 […]


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