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Well, firstly I have to thank Warren from KL Gadget Guy for letting me play around with his iPhone 6. Apple’s flagship devices is not available in Malaysia yet, so buying one is rather expensive right now.

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Note that this entire articles is coming from an Android user since 2010.

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Grabbing the iPhone 6 and you can feel that it is rather familiar actually. The button placements are just like any other Android flagships out there – with the power button on the right side and its volume rocker at the left. Of course, what’s an iDevice without the dedicated mute button.

Right off the bat, I realized something wrong about its ergonomics that Apple didn’t get it quite right – the position of those buttons, or rather the height of it from the bottom of the phone. It’s just too high.

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The camera has been a really hot topic when talking about the iPhone 6, to which I say yes, it is one of the main selling points after all. The camera protrusion however is rather awkward. If you are ever going to slide the phone out of a tight pocket, it will catch of something if you do not have a case installed. Potential scratch on the camera? Maybe not.

Picture quality was somehow okay, because I was at a place where it was lit with blue lights and the iPhone 6’s white balance had gone haywire and turned everything yellow. Sorry I didn’t have any sample pictures, I didn’t get them in time.

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Speaking of “something new”, Apple’s believers have been asking for widgets for years, and now they are getting them. Just pull down the notification bar and go to the Today tab, that is where your widgets will be. Sure, it can be cramped up if more widgets how up, but I think that’s how Apple is going to settle things for this year.

Coming from an Android user, I strongly believe Apple’s move to include widgets in this fashion is to cater for both iOS simplicity and also adding some complexity for customization. Also, it sort of breaks the middle ground for those who want to switch from Android to iOS.

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The iPhone 6 with the Nexus 4 – as most netizens suggests, is a direct comparison of both these devices albeit that the Nexus 4 was released two years ago. Sure, the screen size is the same but the camera picture quality is totally different.

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By comparing the size we found out that the Nexus 4 is much more smaller than the iPhone 6, as there are no need for a physical home button on the Nexus 4. Bezel size is about the same, though the Nexus 4 can offer a much better grip on hand.

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Thickness of the iPhone 6 is obviously thinner than the Nexus 4, but the grip on the iPhone 6 is rather slippery as the only parts providing grip is the curved sides of the phone. Sweaty palms might want to be aware of this issue.

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I don’t want to comment on iOS 8 itself other than the keyboard which works excellently well, just like the stock Android keyboard, and also the Tips app which Apple says it will send you a tip every week (if I’m not mistaken) to maximise your utilization of the iPhone. Tips app? Seriously? I thought Apple is all about working out of the box and being all simple that even the most illiterate person can use.

That points to app management on iOS, where removing bloatware is NEVER going to happen. I guess that’s how Apple wants it to be, so be it.

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So far what I can tell say about the iPhone 6 is this. The entire legend of iPhone will never go away anytime soon. Apple’s move towards larger display and the new direction of iOS 8 makes Android users feel like they are at home (at least partially home) on an iOS device.

Apple users finally get to enjoy large screens, widgets, and third party keyboard! To that I say welcome, welcome all iOS users to the world of *slightly* more customization. Sorry though, Apple will never get my money as I think iOS is just plain unsuitable for me. I’m still waiting for the next Nexus device.

Now, when is the magical NFC uses coming to iOS?

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