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In the fast-paced landscape of education, the digital age has transformed the way students learn and educators teach. Technological advancements have paved the way for more interactive and engaging learning experiences, bridging the gap between traditional methods and modern needs.

But have you ever thought that you could be a part of this? You can actually, thanks to the Intel-powered and Windows 11-enriched JOI Smartboard, a cutting-edge tool designed to empower educators and inspire students across all education tiers.

Classroom Dynamics Revamped

Joi Smartboard (6)

For starters, the JOI Smartboard boasts a stunning 4K display available in 65-inch, 75-inch, and 86-inch sizes, making it a focal point in any classroom or lecture hall. Its anti-glare surface ensures crystal-clear visibility from any angle while supporting up to 40 touchpoints simultaneously. This means seamless interaction between educators and students, fostering collaboration and active participation.

Joi Smartboard (1)

Some people might wonder why a single educator needs a touchscreen this big to replace a conventional whiteboard so here’s why – the ability to support split-screen writing, reposition writings at will, and practically not using even one bit of marker ink.

Expand and elevate your classroom into the digital age of education with the JOI Smartboard powered by Intel and Windows 11. 1

JOI Smartboards allow collaborators to create personalized annotations on any connected screen without affecting others, facilitating dynamic presentations and immersive learning experiences. Moreover, the board can be configured to run up to 4 split screens, accommodating multiple inputs or wireless screen shares from various devices.

Seamless Workflow with Dual OS

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Equipped with dual operating systems—Windows 11 and Android—the JOI Smartboard ensures compatibility with a wide range of applications and software. Powered by an internal Arm Cortex Dual-Core CPU with 2GB RAM and 16GB storage, and supplemented by an external Open Pluggable Specifications (OPS) PC Module featuring a 10th Gen Intel Core i7 CPU, the Smartboard delivers unparalleled performance and flexibility.

To save users some time, JOI also pre-installs several Android apps to enable hassle-free deployment, allowing educators to dive into interactive lessons right out of the box.

Easy-to-Access Connectivity Options

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The JOI Smartboard comes with physical buttons on the front side for fast and reliable access, along with USB ports for connecting peripherals. Whether it’s integrating additional devices or accessing external content, the Smartboard offers seamless connectivity options to enhance the teaching and learning experience.

Advanced Multimedia Capabilities

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In addition to its interactive features, the JOI Smartboard is equipped with a built-in camera and microphone array. Capable of picking up voices within an 8-meter radius, the microphone supports noise cancellation and reduction, ensuring crystal-clear audio during lectures or discussions. 

Joi Smartboard (10)

Furthermore, speaker voice enhancement technology enhances the clarity and projection of the educator’s voice, even in larger classrooms or lecture halls.

Support and Service Excellence

Backed by JOI’s commitment to excellence, the Smartboard comes with nationwide warranty coverage and after-sale service centers across Malaysia. Authorized partners provide online and offline support, ensuring minimal disruptions to educational operations and maximizing uptime. In short – Got problems? Give JOI a ring and they’ll attend to you ASAP.


Joi Smartboard (4)

As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of education, the JOI Smartboard emerges as one of the options in this day and age that is worth the investment, especially from a large educational institute where the delivery of lectures and notes is extremely crucial to each attendee.

Joi Smartboard Specs

And thanks to SNS Network who’s behind JOI Malaysia, they are offering a package that includes the OPS Intel-powered PC module to all purchases of the Smartboard for a limited time!

As such, all 3-panel sizes are available in Malaysia right now for the price of RM6,999 for the 65-inch, RM8,999 for the 75-inch, and RM14,999 for the 86-inch inclusive of a 4K camera device.

Joi Smartboard Promo

SNS Network is also offering an installment plan for those who are not comfortable paying upwards of five figures in one go as the fee is as low as RM209 per month! With this, small and medium-sized education-based businesses like tuition firms can also hop on the train and be digitally transformed into smart classrooms!

So don’t wait and find the nearest JOI representative to get in contact and elevate your educational center with the most modern digital experience ever.

For more information about the JOI Smartboard, check the link below:


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