Kenxinda Malaysia Media Launch - 1

It’s no surprise that the Chinese manufacturers are taking over the world, but not with such aggression! Since their launch last week, they’ve been travelling all over the peninsula, having roadshows and promoting their brand!

Here they are a week later after their launch and with their powerful philosophy, it’s amazing to see that they strive to provide the best quality of products, while maintaining below the RM500 price point. Yes, that means all of their products are before RM500. That’s actually quite insane if you ask me!

Here we have a total of 13 different products – and they’re all definitely waaaaaay below RM500!

  • Feature phone
    • K68 (RM79)
    • K39 (RM99)
    • 207 (RM119)
  • Smartphone
    • K528 (RM169)
    • K2 (RM199)
    • K3 (RM299)
    • X2 (RM399)
    • A6 (RM459, also the most expensive one here)
  • Tablet
    • F1 (RM299)
  • Smartwatch
    • S-Watch (RM199!!!)
  • Power bank
    • 5,000 mAh (RM60)
    • 10,400 mAh (RM99)
    • 15,000 mAh (RM139)

With all these prices, it’s definitely something to take note – it’s going to break the societal rules of prices, again.

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