Ever wanted to get a keyboard with backlight but it’s not the colour you want? I got into the same situation. I couldn’t stand it. So I soldered my own LEDs on it. Here’s how you do it. We also have a video showing how I did the whole mechanical keyboard LED mod!

UPDATE: We just reviewed word from a brave modder, Immanuel Jungheim, who performed this exact same LED mod on the Ducky One 2 TKL – and it works!

Learn how he did it in this Reddit post here.

In this entire guide, I’ll be featuring my Ducky One TKL non-backlit version which I own it personally.

This guide specifically uses DIP LEDs only. Do it at your own risk as you might void your warranty too!

TL;DR: Watch this video for a quick summary and preview on how it looks.

Firstly, my Ducky One TKL keyboard is the non-backlit version. I reviewed the Ducky One TKL backlit version before, and I found out that the blue light is just not my cup of tea. I thought hey – might as well get the non-backlit version then. Better yet, they told me the non-backlit version will be shipped with this configuration. Black keycaps with orange fonts. That’s exactly what I wanted!

Ducky One TKL

When I was about to pick my personal unit of the Ducky One TKL, they told me apparently Malaysia is getting a different keycap. It’s going to be the exact same keycap as the Ducky One TKL backlit version. That means backlit keycaps for a non-backlit keyboard. I thought to myself – it’s not that bad, right?

Guys over at Ducky did give me some hints by telling me that I can solder my own LEDs if I wanted to. That time I just ¯_(ツ)_/¯ and moved on. I used the Ducky One TKL non-backlit version for like about 2 months until I realized how ugly it looks. I bought myself some LEDs then.

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