Kingston, a renowned brand in the world of flash storage, including USB sticks and also SD cards. The company has a renowned SD card series – called the Canvas Plus series. It’s more budget-oriented but with great speeds and also reputable reliability.

Then, we also have the new Kingston MobileLite Plus SD card reader. It’s a pretty interesting-looking card reader, actually.

MSI Creator 17 Mini-LED

Kingston Canvas Plus Card Series

New Canvas SD cards with high speeds and high capacity

SD and microSD cards, are still used in many different devices. And with ever-better phones and cameras mean higher resolutions with higher bitrates and higher capacities too.

Within this new Canvas Plus spans across three different series of both SD and microSD sizes. Each of them is purpose-made for different use cases:

  • Canvas Select Plus
    • Budget oriented.
    • Class 10 UHS-I speeds of up to 100MB/s read.
    • Supports A1 app performance class (microSD only) to enhance speeds on Android.
    • Available in SD and microSD at capacities up to 512GB.
  • Canvas Go! Plus:
    • Made ideally for 4K UHD video filming and burst-mode photography or to be used with 4K action cameras and drones.
    • Class 10 UHS-I U3 speeds of up to 170MB/s read and 90MB/s write.
    • Supports A2 app performance class (microSD only) for even higher speed.
    • Available in SD and microSD at capacities up to 512GB.
  • Canvas React Plus:
    • UHS-II performance for even up to 8K video recording and industry-standard high-resolution cameras.
    • Class 10 UHS-II U3 speeds up to 300MB/s read, 260MB/s write (SD) and 285MB/s read, 165MB/s write (microSD).
    • The first UHS-II microSD to support A1 app performance class.
    • Available in SD and microSD at capacities up to 256GB.

      And we already have the new Canvas Go! Plus at 512GB. And I am very excited as this is considered the middle of the bunch but still offers really high speeds.

      All of the Kingston Canvas Plus SD and microSD cards are backed by a lifetime warranty, and free technical support. For more information visit

      MobileLite Plus card reader

      These card readers are interesting. They’re made to support the incredible UHS-II speeds for faster file transfers and processing time – which is a boon for on-the-field work. It uses USB 3.2 Gen 1 protocol too. Kingston also claimed that the card reader is made to perform optimally with microSD and SD cards.

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