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Folks at Kingston Malaysia have sent over a Is With You Memory Gift Box made for the campaign of the same name that revolves around the theme of reliving good memories. We actually have it lying around the office since May and I thought it will be fun taking it for a spin from a participant perspective. So without ado, let’s check out what’s inside!

Kingston Is With You Memory Giftbox_9

First off, the box itself has a white base and brown print of title and abstract-style Kingston logo at the front. Simple but hey, sometimes simple is nice.

Kingston Is With You Memory Giftbox_10

Opening up the box and you’ll be met by the usual core message convey style of greeting alongside a pack of face masks, a stack of cards, and a USB thumb drive.

Kingston Is With You Memory Giftbox_11

Unpacking the face mask box and a set of 5 orange boys featuring the design of local talent Lilo Jong from the Kingston x CSD APAC Face Mask Competition can be found. The layering of the mask kinda messed up the graphics in a funny way though.

Kingston Is With You Memory Giftbox_12

Taking a close inspection of the USB thumb drive and it is actually the DataTraveler Duo USB-A & USB-C Connector Flash Drive 64GB model. Double the ports, double the usefulness!

Kingston Is With You Memory Giftbox_15

When we properly segregated the stacked cards, I assumed that these are the 7-day challenge cards that I am supposing to only take one out every single day and yes, they indeed are. Inking at the front is the main theme of the day.

Kingston Is With You Memory Giftbox_16

The back, on the other hand, is an explanation in the form of asking you some questions alongside some simple tasks that you can do by yourself. And it is not a hassle, by the way as all of them are quite simple and straightforward.


The 7-day challenge is kinda fun and all but most importantly, I really do felt like good memories are indeed one of the most important things to help everyone drive forward into the future, be it as a source of encouragement or the desire to make more of them.

And yes, thanks for the useful thumb drive, Kingston.

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