Last week, Lenovo launched two of their most innovative product to date – the Lenovo Yoga Book, and the Lenovo Phab 2. The Yoga Book is the first ever 2-in-1 device with an arguably much more innovative keyboard than what Apple’s latest MacBook Pro has to offer, and Phab 2 Plus is the world’s first ever Tango smartphone in the market.

Let’s take a look at both of these devices!

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Lenovo Yoga Book & Phab 2

Lenovo Yoga Book

The Yoga Book re-examines how a tablet should look and act, with never-before-seen features such as an instant Halo Keyboard and a dual-use stylus that can write on both paper and the tablet.


Its thin and light design, 15-hour battery life, and 360-degree watchband hinge gives on-the-go tablet users the freedom to write and draw anywhere, matching the mobility of a smartphone without having to carry a laptop or a detachable. The availability of WiFi (for Windows) or LTE (for Android versions) will ensure connectivity at all times, whether for work or play.

Lenovo Yoga Book & Phab 2

The Halo Keyboard weaves software and hardware into one interface. With the touch of a button, the keyboard appears and disappears allowing the user to switch from typing to sketching with ease. Users can also experience haptic feedback as they are typing and select the option of predictive typing for an improved typing experience that surpasses conventional tablets and matches that of physical keyboards.

Drawing inspiration from the elegance and simplicity of notebooks, the Yoga Book’s Real Pen accessory, which comes bundled with the product, allows users to write and draw with pen and paper while instantly digitising their notes and sketches.

The Yoga Book in Windows or Android, which is bundled with the Yoga Book sleeve, Real Pen and Book Pad, will be available from end December onwards at all Lenovo Exclusive Stores. The Yoga Book will be priced from RM 2,599 and upwards, inclusive of GST for either the Windows or Android version.

Lenovo Phab 2 series

Rather than just launching one single phone, Lenovo took the honor to update their entire catalogue of smartphones. This is the brand new Lenovo Phab 2 series of smartphones.

Phab 2 Pro

The Phab 2 Pro is the world’s first phablet powered by Google’s Tango technology – a set of sensors and software that detects and maps its surroundings to enable cutting-edge augmented reality (AR) experiences.

With Tango, the Phab 2 Pro is able to detect physical motion and space. The combined technology of Tango in the device allows for motion tracking, depth perception, and area learning. As a result, it has the power to change how users can interact with their surroundings. The Phab 2 Pro allow users to download various Tango apps to measure their furniture, envision an added sofa in their living room, or watch dinosaurs roam the streets again.

Lenovo Yoga Book & Phab 2

Besides its unique Tango feature, the Phab 2 Pro is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 processor, 4G LTE connectivity, and cutting-edge time-stamping and camera and sensor processing capabilities.

The Phab 2 Pro features Dolby Audio Capture 5.1 with Dolby Atmos playback capabilities to help capture life’s moments on video with great quality audio. With Dolby Audio Capture 5.1, you can use crystal-clear 5.1-channel surround sound to record and share the full panorama of your life, adding amazing richness, clarity and depth to your special moments. Making this possible are three microphones, spatial capture with noise reduction, along with a 16MP camera that supports crisp video recording.

The Phab 2 Pro will be priced from RM1, 899, inclusive of GST. Seriously, the world’s first ever smartphone with Google Tango technology costs half of what the iPhone 7 asks for, yet the Phab 2 Pro has at least twice the innovation!

Lenovo Yoga Book & Phab 2

Phab 2 Plus

The Phab 2 Plus comes with dual 13MP rear cameras that have instant focus, fast F2.0 lenses and the same professional-grade Fujitsu Milbeaut image signal processor that powers the Leica camera. Casual photographers can capture amazing pictures with crisp low-light shots, high contrast while retaining lifelike colours, high detail in the shadow areas and a captivating background blur. Meanwhile, the camera software incorporates a manual mode as well as other special effects.

The Phab 2 Plus will be priced from RM1, 299, inclusive of GST.

Phab 2

The Phab 2 is an affordable AR smartphone with many of the attractive features found in higher-end models. The Phab 2’s AR mode, for instance, allows you to create more unique photos and videos by superimposing effects such as virtual backgrounds or cartoons onto your pictures – perfect for sharing on social media.

Other highlights include a huge 6.4-inch HD display, complete with a fast-focusing 13MP camera and 32GB on-board storage expandable via a microSD slot.

The Phab 2 will be priced from RM899, inclusive of GST.

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