ASUS VivoBook 14 A413

It seems there is some kind of trouble surrounding LG’s OLED TV lineups as LG Malaysia has announced that for any customer that has purchased the following OLED TVs are eligible for a free power board replacement service since they have identified a possible overheating issue that could even cause a serious explosion.


MSI Creator 17 Mini-LED



  • OLED65E6
  • OLED65G6
  • OLED77G6


  • OLED65B7
  • OLED65C7
  • OLED65E7
  • OLED65G7
  • OLED65W7
  • OLED77G7
  • OLED77W7


  • OLED65G8
  • OLED65W8
  • OLED77C8
  • OLED77W8


  • OLED65W9
  • OLED77B9
  • OLED77C9
  • OLED77W9

If you own any of these OLED TVs, it is advised that you lodge a report at 1800-822-822 to arrange a technician in order to replace the power board to prevent any mishaps targeting the overheating issue from happening.

You can find out the model number either through the sticker usually behind the back panel of the TV or within the TV itself by navigation below:

Home → Setup → Menu → General → About This TV → TV information

The full announcement for this replacement program is right here.

And honestly, thanks LG for doing the right thing and letting users know, then offer a fix for the issue.

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