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When we started using the HONOR 9X Pro about a month ago, that phone showed me its strengths – and I like what I see. In our full review, we talked about its performance and battery life. However, our comment section was flooded with many of the similar comments – “no Google?”

Yes, the HONOR 9X Pro doesn’t have any trace of Google apps or services on it. It’s using Huawei’s Mobile Services.

ASUS Zenbook 14X OLED

Starting with the security

Since the AppGallery is new, there are lots of concerns and skepticism over its security. Huawei and HONOR have reassured us that the AppGallery utilizes a developer identity verification system with 4-layer detection mechanism to ensure app security.


The 4-layer consists of checking for security vulnerability, privacy, malicious behavior, and also manual real-name security check. User feedback is also a part of the detection mechanism so that the app wouldn’t do anything funky after being released.

Adapting to the AppGallery

It’s obvious that the catalog of apps is growing quite fast. When I started the HONOR 9X Pro, I saw that there are many developers who already made their apps available on the AppGallery. Most of the apps I use are available – like Facebook for my daily dosage of memes.

Some apps that are essential during MCO – like food deliveries and online shopping apps – are available on the AppGallery already.

HONOR 9X Pro Huawei AppGallery

Here are some of the apps that we use which are already available on the AppGallery today:

  • For travels
    • Agoda
    • Booking
  • Messaging apps:
    • Viber
    • WeChat
    • Weibo
    • WhatsApp (redirects to official APK download)
  • Social media
    • TikTok
    • Facebook (redirects to official APK download)
    • Twitter (web wrapper)
  • Entertainment
    • TikTok
    • Kwai
    • Viu
    • Joox
    • VLC
  • Food
    • dahmakan
    • McDonald’s (web wrapper)
  • Shopping
    • Lazada
    • Shopee
    • Zalora
    • AliExpress
    • Mudah
    • Shopback
    • Banking
      • Maybank
      • Hong Leong Bank
      • RHB Bank
    • E-wallet
      • TnG eWallet
      • Boost

    While the catalog of apps is growing, many apps that we use on a daily basis just aren’t available. And that’s why I installed 3rd party app stores into the HONOR 9X Pro. I installed both APK Pure and Aptoide to get some other apps like Gboard, Facebook Messenger, or the full-fledged Twitter app.

    Can I truly get the full experience on the AppGallery?

    Maybe not entirely – but you can get other essential apps like Grab, Food Panda, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram. I need Telegram since I use it for work.

    However, games are a little funky. For example, there are two versions of COD Mobile. The version available on APK Mirror or APK Pure is not the same version from the Play Store – so it’s a little difficult to hunt down the correct version.

    I also downloaded Waze from APK Pure and it works without any issue.

    HONOR 9X Pro

    But if you’re coming from another phone that already has a bunch of apps installed, why not directly import them to your new Huawei or HONOR device with Phone Clone?

    Save time and effort with Phone Clone

    Literally just clone everything from your existing device to your new Huawei or HONOR device. Don’t waste your time redownloading the apps – just copy it. It is stated that all apps, including Facebook, Instagram, Google Maps, will be transferred to your new smartphone.

    But not all apps can be transferred directly like this. For WhatsApp, I wanted to copy over my WhatsApp chat history over to the HONOR 9X Pro. It’s actually quite simple – just follow these steps:

    1. Download WhatsApp on your HONOR 9X Pro
    2. Go to WhatApp on your old device, select settings > chat > chat backup
    3. Tap Backup to Google drive and select Never, then select backup
    4. Go to Files, select internal storage > WhatsApp > Databases
    5. Select the last file in Databases (db.crypt.12) and send it to your HONOR 9X Pro through Bluetooth or WiFi direct
    6. On your HONOR 9X Pro, go to Settings > Apps > WhatsApp > Permissions > Storage. Choose the Allow option.
    7. Go to Internal Storage > WhatsApp > Database > check if the db.crypt.12 file from earlier is there
    8. You may now log-in to WhatsApp on your HONOR 9X Pro. Your chats have all been backed up from your previous device.

    Is it an easy transition?

    With any change in life, it will definitely take some time to adapt. For me, it’s only the initial setup that needs a bit more work. Other than that, it works as usual. There are some other hiccups like COD Mobile as mentioned earlier, but that’s fragmentation caused by the game developer instead.

    UPDATE: We can now backup WhatsApp chat to Huawei Cloud too!

    Yes – it’s now doable on all devices running Huawei Mobile Services. Transferring your data to your new Huawei or HONOR smartphone is a bit finicky, but once that’s done – everything works fine.

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