Every year, Logitech will release a new set of Doodle Collection for the Logitech M238 wireless mouse. There are a few different mouse designs in the past, and for the year 2016 it was called the Party Collection instead. I personally liked the Astronaut design a lot. This year’s Doodle Collection features a rather abstract lineup of designs…

Following the tradition, Logitech still maintains the price at RM69, still wireless, still colorful, but this time they changed the logo to something more subtle and minimal – just the word “logi” and removed the word “tech” entirely.

This year, Logitech trimmed down to only a total of 4 different designs, and these 4 designs have a unique color each. Take a look at them here.

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The Logitech 2017 Doodle Collection is expected to be available by mid-May for a retail price of RM69.
For more information, check them out here!