Ladies and gentlemen, this is the first ever product that Logitech has created in collaboration with Apple themselves, for one of Apple’s products – the iPad Pro.

Logitech Focus 2

This product right here is the brand new Logitech CREATE backlit keyboard case. As the name suggests, it has a backlit keyboard, and is also a flip case with a keyboard attached. What you don’t realize is that the keyboard in the case itself connects to the iPad Pro through Apple’s very own Smart Connector (just some pogo pins to be honest).

Logitech Focus 1

There are a few things that raised my eyebrows on this keyboard – it has special iOS keys to activate search and media controls with just a press of a button on the keyboard, and that is truly awesome. The keys themselves are 19mm keys with adjustable backlighting, albeit in a tenkeyless configuration.

I guess the keyboard case does give the iPad Pro some value, making it more like a laptop while the shortcut keys takes advantage of the multitasking abilities of the iPad Pro.

The CREATE Keyboard Case is available now for RM699, and comes in black, red, and blue colour.

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