I have to admit – I love wireless keyboard and mouse sets – and personally using one myself, the Microsoft Wireless Desktop 3000. I’ve been using it for years already too, and yet it held up. There’s one caveat though – it’s dirty as heck.

Let’s be honest – who didn’t eat in front of their keyboards before? Probably a very small amount of you guys. For those who do however, the keyboard might be filled with food crumbs or oil all over. Hit enter on Logitech’s brand new keyboard-mouse combo – the Logitech MK235.

MSI Creator 17 Mini-LED

Logitech MK235 - 4

It’s a full-sized keyboard with a standard 3-button mouse with a scroll wheel (sadly no side buttons), but that’s not it. The entire keyboard is very durably built, and is spill resistant!

Logitech MK235 - 2

The Logitech MK235 uses Logitech’s proprietary dongle, so both keyboard and mouse will be connected without any interference. Yet the entire keyboard-mouse set costs only RM99, and it’ll be available in March – not too far from now actually!

The only caveat here? Not having a standard keyboard layout. They should have the right-click button beside the arrow keys.

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