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Today Maybank has officially launched MAE e-Wallet, which stands for Maybank, Anytime, Everyone. In this article, we will explain why Maybank calls this a revolutionary digital account.

What is MAE?


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MAE is Maybank’s effort in creating an e-Wallet that provides a huge range of banking services to the users, be it existing or non-existing Maybank customers. That means having access to the fund transfers, ATM services, bill payments, prepaid reloads and more on their smartphone.

Customers can literally open an account on the Maybank2u mobile app in less than five minutes after submitting all the required details and topping up the account. That means even if you’re not Maybank customers, you don’t have to go through the typical lengthy documentation process to experience digital account services.

How is it differs from Maybank2u?

Existing Maybank2u users might be asking the added benefit in owning another account in the Maybank2u app. Since MAE is a separate account from the user’s CASA (current account/savings account), that means users can easily differentiate and control their spendings. For instance, using MAE for everyday spending such as retail purchases via QRPay, sending & requesting money, as well as performing contactless payment. Meanwhile, the main CASA account for salary credit and loan payments.

Sending/Requesting Money & Split Bill

MAE has been designed to accommodate our daily money usage habit, that leads to the development of features that reduces the hassle in sending/requesting money. Split bill feature itself is extremely useful for a group of friends or family that want to share a bill. Those features even had a notification function so your forgetful friend will not get away from the bill easily.

Virtual Visa Debit Card

New Maybank users will be given with a virtual Visa card to facilitate e-commerce usage. Those who use compatible smartphones may use the virtual card through Maybank Pay NFC payment or else through Samsung Pay. However, existing Maybank users who own the physical debit card may not get the virtual card. Maybank has explained that customers may not need another card since they already own the physical card.

On the other hand, we think it is not the case since the virtual card that tied with MAE account should be available for everyone in case users they want to specifically segregate their spendings.

If you’re interested to learn more about MAE, visit Maybank2u official site. The Maybank2u mobile app is available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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