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Carousell has released a new study on the behavior of buying and selling for Malaysian users during the MCO period and surprisingly, on average each person turned pre-loved items into RM1,396 worth of cash with over 690,000 transactions starting from February until June.

Carousell stats during MCO

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Most of the users have done this for economic reasons either to help to generate income during the period where lots of people have lost their job or for those buying are looking for good deals to fulfill their shopping spree without breaking the bank. Carousell expects the total sales involved could grow another RM640 million. Hot items include electronics and fashion with the former category reaching 1.2 million searches related to Work From Home.

On the other hand, Malaysians took to Carousell to continue selling their homemade delights despite the closure of physical bazaars during the month of Ramadan. The app allowed users to search within a 10km radius of their location to narrow down the food nearest to them. One of the sellers named Fiza has found a new way of selling her family recipe of pineapple tarts through the platform.

During the MCO period, we need no more explanation about the shortages of face masks. Another user, Yanice, started crafted and selling handmade masks on Carousell because her family business had to take a pause and she managed to sell over 200 masks, using Carousell Protection, Carousell’s trusted escrow payment solution, and integrated shipping methods in each of her transactions, so that she could abide by social distancing measures.

Looking to cash out some of your rarely or no longer in used items? With the stats backed by the company itself, why not give the platform a try?

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