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For many parents, screens are sources of tension and nervousness and the use of it by their children are far from what they want. Negative remarks fuse, such as “But you’re still on your phone, it’s the extension of your hand!” Or “Slightly lose your console, it looks like you do not even know how to make friends outside “.

The screens are demonized, the children are criticized and the daily atmosphere is affected. The parents’ attitude, although justified by a feeling of helplessness and a feeling of helplessness to change things, can contribute to a tense family atmosphere.

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However, this crystallization around screens makes any change very difficult. Addressing this subject that is so sensitive in this way will inevitably be a source of tension and resistance.

To achieve a more sustainable change, we must be more positive, and the technique of using parental monitoring app such as FamilyTime app is the key.

Manage Your Kids' Screen Use with the Parental Monitoring App 3

It clarifies the facts and stats about the actual usage the type of usage that kids make with the screen. Having the FamilyTime app in hand, parents can:

  • Have a look at the contacts of their kids
  • See whom do they contact via calls or SMS by monitoring their call logs and SMS history.
  • Watchlist suspicious contacts and receive notifications when the contact is made.
  • Monitor web history to see the URLs they visit with the date and time stamps.
  • See bookmarks and favourites to keep tabs on their web preferences.
  • Apply internet filters to restrict teens from using chatting sites
  • View the complete list of apps installed on their device
  • Check App usage frequency to analyze the time they spend on each application.
  • Limit app usage time by allocating a specific number of minutes to kids for app usage
  • Block apps to restrict their access to the apps you find inappropriate.
  • Put auto screen locks on their devices for a specific time interval.
  • Remotely lock their phone to limit access to their device whenever you want.

And more. Isn’t it all that a parent may look for? The use of digital tools today helps many parents brush away their worries in less than a minute. So, get hold of one app such as FamilyTime and simplify parenting. You give this app a free trial of 3 days download the app now from your app store says Google Play or iTunes.

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