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First of all, massive thanks to UGREEN for sending us this massive care package. UGREEN has a bunch of different categories of products, ranging from your gaming console, cables, and some other dongles too – and they also sent us a special gift box bundle that is a perfect gift for everyone, and has a really affordable price too.

In today’s rather casual video, we unbox two packages sent from UGREEN – one that we bought, another one that was sent in by UGREEN.

First – an announcement

Let’s take a look at the first package first. This package has a bunch of USB-A to USB-C cables – and I bought all of these during 9.9. On that day, the cable was for sale for only RM1.99 each. I bought¬†a lot of them¬†actually. Honestly, we can never have enough cables – and it’s a great, useful gift too!

UGREEN care package

But that’s not all! UGREEN has told us that on 11.11, UGREEN will be having the RM1.99 per USB-A to USB-C cable again! Only on Lazada – so stay tuned for that!

UGREEN care package

Then comes the other pack from UGREEN. We have an assortment of stuff – so let’s go through them one by one.

UGREEN Ethernet adapter

This is a fairly self-explanatory one. It converts a USB 3.0 port to a Gigabit Ethernet port. Now, since we got a Nintendo Switch ourselves, we realized one thing – that console does not have a dedicated Ethernet port, hence all online multiplayer games, like Splatoon 2, heavily relies on your WiFi.

UGREEN care package

Since the Nintendo Switch dock does come with a few dedicated USB-A ports, this UGREEN Ethernet adapter can plug into any of those USB ports and work instantly. It even shows that you’re connected to the internet via an Ethernet cable!

UGREEN care package
Seriously, use this.

Honestly, there are many laptops that don’t come with an Ethernet port nowadays anyway – so having an adapter like this is certainly useful. Especially for those who want to transfer large files over the local area network.

The UGREEN USB 3.0 to Ethernet adapter is priced at RM41.99. You can buy cheaper ones but they’re only USB 2.0 and runs at 100Mb/s max.

CAT 6 cable

So… what’s the point of having an Ethernet dongle without the Ethernet cable, right? So that’s why UGREEN sells its own CAT 6 cable too. It’s definitely thin compared to some other cables we’re used – but hey, it works.

UGREEN care package

Moreover, everything is from UGREEN. If you’re purchasing the Ethernet adapter already, why not get the cable alongside?

You can get it at a variety of different lengths, but the one we have is a CAT 6A slim cable. It’s only RM9.99 for 2 meters! Click here to purchase it.

UGREEN Type-C to Type-C cable

In recent days, we have more and more laptops coming out that have USB-C ports. These Type-C ports are able to carry much more wattage than standard USB-A to USB-C cables. Remember – the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and many other laptops only have Type-C ports.

UGREEN care package

UGREEN’s Type-C to Type-C cable is fairly standard in terms of quality. It comes in a few different lengths and honestly, it works. Definitely not the best here since it’s using basic insulation. IF you want something better for day-to-day use, perhaps look into getting the braided variants – also from UGREEN, but with a higher price tag.

Depending on the length you want, the price varies accordingly. They’re available in either white or black colors.

Nintendo Switch grip case

I actually wanted to buy this case from UGREEN some time ago. The reason why is simple – this adds a bump behind for better grip for better ergonomics in portable mode, and provides protection to the Switch.

UGREEN care package

Out of all the protective cases I’ve seen, UGREEN’s case is the one that provides protection¬†and has the ability to remove Joy-Cons. My problem with it, however, is how difficult it is to press the button to release the Joy-Con from the console. I have to really smash into that nipple and push out the Joy-Con to take it out.

UGREEN care package

But hey – at least I have the ability to play Crash Team Racing while in tabletop mode. Yet another issue I find curious, is that the case isn’t compatible with any carrying bags… Not even the Skull & Co MaxCarry case.

UGREEN care package

If you want to get one for yourself, click here. It’s priced at only RM22.99 each.

Charge iPhone FASTER!

UGREEN care package

Alright, this is the gift box that UGREEN sent over to us. Inside of it – as shown in the video – are the UGREEN 18W charger and a USB-C to Lightning cable. I find it interesting that UGREEN actually made a USB-C charger, catering for those who are using the latest MacBooks with only USB-C ports.

UGREEN care package

Let’s say that you wanted to buy a gift for someone. I’d say, go get them this bundle instead. It is available in both the USB-C to Lightning for iPhones and also USB-C to USB-C for Android phones. Pretty neat.

UGREEN care package

You can buy this bundle in over at UGREEN’s Lazada store in quite a few configurations:

And hey – you can click here to get 10% off the 18W charger bundle! Promotion is valid from now until 1st November 2019.

UGREEN care package

What’s your favorite UGREEN product?

It’s no surprise that we really like UGREEN’s stuff here. I’ve been using a few UGREEN products before they even contacted us! Honestly, thanks a bunch to UGREEN for sending us this care package. Also, thanks for that RM1.99 cable deal!

Remember – on the 11.11, UGREEN is going to have another round of RM1.99 of USB-A to USB-C cables!

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