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Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes in a great retail store these days? To be really blunt, they’re technically concept stores now actually – all of the brands and products they’re carrying are available for display which you can try it all you want.

Located at The School @ Jaya One, they’re the only one among the row of shops that look different, particularly because of the dark and dimly lit area that it has. Sort of like a blackhole too, because it draws everyone’s eyeballs and attention – and that’s for a good reason. I went there twice before, and I spend more than an hour in there every time I visited because they’re always changing out their old display units for the latest gears. Like Ducky for example – Ducky Leather Wrist Rest is now added to the display setups so you can really get a feel of how it is before making your purchase.

Before I start, I should mention this – those employees inside Ultimate.Zone will not annoy the customers by constantly asking what you want or pressure you into making a purchase. So take your time and enjoy what Ultimate.Zone has to offer.

Ultimate.Zone (6)

Walk in and you’ll find a bunch of other products all over the place of course, like the brand new Ducky One mechanical keyboards, custom keycaps for Escape key, lots of products by Gunnar, Logitech, Razer, and many more. First, let’s go on a tour on what I think is the most interesting in the retail store.

Ultimate.Zone (5)

See that table? It’s the Vector Desk with top-notch hardware paired with the Razer BlackWidow Chroma and a Roccat mouse, which I forgot the model of it. Of course, Ultimate.Zone is the ultimate place to seek for a remedy to cure your itch of needing the latest and greatest gear, so they even let you sit on the brand new AKRacing Premiume Style Gaming Chair V2 (which costs RM1,499 by the way) to enjoy their complete offerings.

Ultimate.Zone doesn’t just show and let you experience the latest and greatest for yourself, but also lets you indulge in unheard techs, like this built-it-yourself AiO monitor. Currently, there’s a full-fledged desktop stuck behind the monitor actually.

Ultimate.Zone (4)

Then there’s the try-it-yourself part where all keyboards are just laid there for you to test. This particular part of the desk is mostly Ducky keyboards, but other keyboards can be found within the retail store too – like the Vortex Gear keyboards which we reviewed is found at the counter.

Other than that, there’s a complete wall of peripherals, with products ranging from keyboard, mouse, mousepads, steering wheels, gaming eyewear, wristrests, and even headsets for that matter! On another separate section on the wall, there are even more peripherals, and even PS4 games.

Ultimate.Zone (13)

I don’t think my words will do Ultimate.Zone any justice, because there are multiple tables of all of the products they carry, just for you to try. Check out our gallery of their products below.

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Hey, if you’re interested in getting your new gaming gear from Ultimate.Zone, you can head out to their retail store right here, or head on to www.Ultimate.Zone (yes their website is same as their name – really cool!) to browse through their full catalogue and shop online!. If you have any questions, hit them up with your inquiry through Ultimate.Zone’s very own live chat. Also, look them up on Facebook right here.

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