We now have this new mid- to high-end chipset from Qualcomm – and it is the new Snapdragon 730 processor. Right now, we have two phones in the market that are using the Snapdragon 730 chipset – the Xiaomi Mi 9T and also the Samsung Galaxy A80. These two phones are very different from each other, so let us talk about them.

Special thanks to Hitech Century for taking their time and to debate with me about these two phones.


Xiaomi Mi 9T vs Samsung Galaxy A80

Let’s start off with an introduction between these phones. They are both using the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 chipset. They’re both really powerful smartphones and are able to play the latest smartphone games with no issues. But other than that, these two are very different from each other.

Xiaomi Mi 9T vs Samsung Galaxy A80

Here, we have shortlisted a few major points of differences between the Xiaomi Mi 9T and also the Samsung Galaxy A80.


First off, the Mi 9T. This is a really affordable phone for its price – at just RM1,199. The Galaxy A80 is priced at a whopping RM2,499. Now that’s a stark difference in terms of pricing, but these two phones are targeting a different set of consumers.

Xiaomi Mi 9T vs Samsung Galaxy A80

The Mi 9T is the torchbearer of Xiaomi’s “honest pricing” and as always, the price is unbelievably low. Xiaomi Malaysia’s price tag on the Mi 9T makes it an affordable entry point for those who want near-high-end gaming experience but without the high-end price.

For the price you’re paying, the Mi 9T is obviously a fantastic deal. You get the latest trends in smartphone designs – a popup selfie camera with a full view display to boot.

Xiaomi Mi 9T vs Samsung Galaxy A80

Samsung, on the other hand, literally overengineered the Galaxy A80. It’s a phone that has been announced months prior but is now it’s finally in the market. With it comes a camera design that we’ve never seen before – it rises up from the body, then rotates to either be the rear or the selfie camera. That means you can get beautiful pictures for both rear and selfie pictures!

Though for the price, it is rather steep. I consider the Galaxy A80 as a phone in the class of its own since it is on a completely different league, but the fact remains – it is powered by the Snapdragon 730 chipset.

RAM & storage

Since you are already paying more for the Samsung Galaxy A80, they’re obviously going to give you more RAM and more storage. It has 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage – perfect for power users who do a lot of work with a phone.

The Mi 9T comes with a modest 6GB of RAM with 64GB of internal storage as its base configuration. There is a 6GB RAM + 128GB storage version of the Mi 9T as well, and it is priced at RM1,399 (only available in Mi Stores).

Xiaomi Mi 9T vs Samsung Galaxy A80

Keep in mind that these two phones do not have microSD card slots – so you’re stuck with whatever you have.

However, the amount of RAM really depends on what you’re doing with your phone. For me, I always say that unused RAM is wasted RAM – and my workloads (games + Facebook, Chrome, TikTok, a bunch of background apps and messengers, etc.) can fill up that 8GB of RAM easily. For those who look to only use a few apps and games, then 6GB RAM is enough.

Once again, pick your RAM and storage properly because there is no way to add more after your purchase.


I guess this is the most interesting point that many people are looking forward to. I can say that they both have their own strengths. Let’s analyze them a little.

The Samsung Galaxy A80 comes with a total of 2 usable cameras – you get a 48MP main shooter and the widest ultrawide angle camera on a smartphone. These cameras are used as the rear-facing cameras and also for selfies. That is in thanks to its rotating mechanism. There is another 3D TOF camera, but that is exclusively only meant to assist in taking Live Focus Videos.

Xiaomi Mi 9T vs Samsung Galaxy A80

With that in mind, the Galaxy A80 is able to easily capture wondrous pictures with its 48MP f/2.0 camera, also thanks to Samsung software and the One UI camera app. It is easy to toggle between capturing at 48MP or 12MP since Samsung integrated it into a single button at the top of the camera app. It is also able to capture 48MP selfies or capture ultrawide angle selfies to really get everyone into a single shot.

The Mi 9T also has a 48MP main camera and an ultrawide angle camera, alongside with another additional telephoto camera at the rear. However, the popup selfie camera is only at 20MP with f/2.2.

Xiaomi Mi 9T vs Samsung Galaxy A80

The magic of Xiaomi’s cameras are in the multitude of different modes for specific scenarios. The Mi 9T has a night mode that captures wonderful night pictures compared to Samsung’s dedicated night mode.

Samsung is always aiming to create a simple point and shoot camera experience that produces the best pictures, whereas Xiaomi has specific modes that works best for specific scenarios. The ultrawide selfie mode on the Galaxy A80 is useful in some particularly tight areas.

Battery life

So far during our test of these phones, I can say that the Snapdragon 730 in itself is not particularly power-efficient to begin with. In this case, having a larger 4,000mAh in the Mi 9T is an advantage if you are always far away from your charger. But the Mi 9T only supports up to Qualcomm’s QuickCharge 3.0, which clocks in at 18W max.

Xiaomi Mi 9T vs Samsung Galaxy A80
Play games for a longer time but charges slower, or the other way around?

The Samsung Galaxy A80 has a smaller battery at 3,700mAh battery but this is also Samsung’s first smartphone to include a 25W charger. This 25W charger is able to push out massive amounts of power to the phone, charging it from 15% of battery to 100% in just 90 minutes.

I’m honestly fine with both since I only quick charge my phone when I need to. Else, I’ll take a larger battery over any other day because I’m really lazy and don’t want to take a power bank with me.

Audio jack?

Yeah the Galaxy A80 does not have an audio jack. Samsung just provided a pair ot USB-C earphones in the box.

If you’re serious about gaming, always look for wired earphones or headphones. Either get a dongle (like the one from UGREEN) for the Galaxy A80, or consider getting the Mi 9T.

Who’s the clear winner?

There is none. Both of these phones are targeting completely different market segments. Do you want an overengineered smartphone with all the bells and whistles alongside with the best software experience to date? Then the Samsung Galaxy A80 is the one to go for.

For those who want an affordable smartphone with great performance, the Mi 9T is the obvious choice, because Xiaomi has always been all about that “honest pricing” and really mind-blowingly affordable smartphones for its specs.

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