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So I got a laptop from ASUS that isn’t exactly with the latest hardware packed inside of it, but rather a little overdue in terms of its specs. With that said, I won’t be mentioning any specs relating to performance in this article, and thus the “mini review”. However, that doesn’t mean that the features it has is outdated, as ASUS has been very persistent in improving their own set of magical features to enhance the user experience.

MSI Creator 17 Mini-LED

This will be a little like a product showcase, but I’m actually focusing on the entire N-series instead of one specific model. Also, this article is in no way sponsored by ASUS or anything.

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When you pick the box for any N-series laptop up, you’ll immediately feel the weight of the aluminium body of the N-series laptop. ASUS has never backed down on the build quality, and never will, since they are already strong believers of this design language since the N56 generation of laptops.

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Perhaps the most beautiful thing is how every sharp edge is chamfered all around and is given a reflective surface to it. This really brought out a subtle but pleasant accent onto the full silver-coloured aluminium body.

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Opening the lid is where we’ll find a full sized 108 keys keyboard – that is inclusive of the numberpad of course. Both the power button on the right and ASUS console button on the left has concentric rings that consists of small little holes. They serve as a complementary part of the acoustics so that the sound produced gives out a more surround-ish feeling, and also serves as breathing holes to cool down your components and even some parts of your fingers.

A nice touch to give it some soul in the design rather than a plain slab of aluminium.

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The keyboard is also one of the best ones I’ve found on a keyboard, especially the height of the keys are comparable to a dedicated external keyboard, and has a very good tactile feeling on it. Also, the backlight is just heavenly, as the letter engraving on the keys themselves are actually transparent, unlike some other laptops for multimedia usage that doesn’t have this transparent letter cutouts on the keys.

It’s just magnificent to be used in the dark. What more can I say?

Speaking of multimedia, there’s also a subwoofer included in this laptop.

DSC_5089 copyIn collaboration with Bang & Olufsen, ASUS created SonicMaster audio to give the best audio experience from a laptop. The subwoofer does what a subwoofer is supposed to do – provide bass. Of course it’s nowhere near a 2.1 audio setup, but you get portability in this setup.

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Up front, there’s a 4-speaker array that blasts sound towards you to give some more enhanced audio experience. It gets really loud too, and gets so loud that it’s beyond what other laptops can go.

DSC_5098 copyWith those things said, the ASUS N-series laptop is a beautiful one. It has the best look and feel on a single piece of aluminium, to go alongside with a beautiful IPS display that even has touch screen capabilities.

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To go alongside with them speakers, you get some of the best user experience on the go.

The price you have to pay though isn’t cheap. The ASUS N-series can easily reach RM3,000 and above, depending on which model you’re getting. That’s also not the price you’re going to pay, as the N-series is extremely heavy as compared to any other laptops with the same hardware and the same size, because of its aluminium body.

If you wish to learn more about the current N-series laptops available now, visit ASUS Malaysia’s website!

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