At the beginning of 2018, we got news that Neffos will be doing something different this year. We’re all excited to see what’s new, and then the Neffos N1 came to our doorsteps. For the price and what it offers, the Neffos N1 is actually a decent phone. But IDC statistics shows a worldwide downward trend for global smartphone shipments, yet Neffos manages to grow its Q1 2018 shipments by 300%.

A total 300% growth attributes to the break-through across the globe. In detail, Neffos gained a 338% shipment increase in East Europe and 270% in Asia. While in West Europe, the number is 168%. In South America, the shipments were up 148%.

ASUS ZenBook 13 UX333
Neffos N1
The Neffos N1.

The impressive growth resulted in uprising popularity of the Neffos products. Neffos X1 Lite was the best-selling product. C5 and Y5 were also popular in market. To meet consumers’ needs, Neffos has released new model selfie-focused C7 (which we reviewed here) and dual-camera N1 in March – and we also covered the launch event here.

Of course, we don’t have the exact figures to make a comparison between brands and other smartphone models available in the market. 300% can be due to a very low shipment in Q1 2017 and achieving 300% growth is simple. In whichever case, that’s a piece of information we’ll never get.

Neffos C7
The Neffos C7.


We’ve seen that Neffos has most of its smartphones priced lower than 4 digits and only the N1 is at RM1,099. As of now, we do not know what other exciting smartphones that Neffos will bring. Perhaps another smartphone with a notch at the top – also known as top-notch smartphones? 16:9 displays are dead. Everyone is going for at least 18:9. The Neffos N1 missed out on this opportunity because they used a design of a smartphone from yesteryear.

I really do hope that Neffos can make some original smartphone design instead of using a design that existed for a year ago. That can really embody Neffos’s smartphone identity. Maybe offer a smartphone in the signature Neffos purple color too. I’m sure many people will want that on their hands.

By the way, did you know that Neffos smartphones have built-in apps that communicate with TP-Link products?