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Here’s the Nokia 3310. It was just announced yesterday, and we all got one unit to play around with! I just thought of doing something fun right here – an unboxing video! Let’s take a look at the all new Nokia 3310 and go through some of the features to see what’s up with it.

Before we begin, here’s a quick little video on our unboxing, first look, and overview of the Nokia 3310.

Without further ado, here’s our mini review of the all new Nokia 3310.

Nokia 3310

Now, the all new Nokia 3310 is updated with more modern features and design language overall, with curved sides and rounded edges all over the place. Also, they’ve upgraded the color options, but they’re not swappable like the original from 17 years ago.

Nokia 3310

They even included a pair of earphones in the box too – but I really doubt its quality will be something that we all hope for.

Nokia 3310

The new Nokia 3310 comes with a colored LCD display which unfortunately has a humongous air gap between the screen and glass itself, but forgivable since this is not a touchscreen after all. Its viewing angle is definitely something to be improved upon.

Now, Nokia even updated its connectivity here, as it now supports dual-SIM and even has a microSD card slot! That’ll definitely be useful for those who want to enjoy some tunes, as the Nokia 3310 also comes with a 3.5mm audio jack at the bottom – my personal favorite position for the audio jack.

Nokia 3310

Speaking of ports, there’s one microUSB port up at the top for data file transfer (yes, it does support file transfers – but you need to have a microSD card in it) and also used to charge the Nokia 3310.Speaking of the charger, it comes with a fairly simple charger – a slim charger with collapsible 3rd prong and a non-removable microUSB cable attached to the brick itself. It outputs

Nokia 3310

Speaking of the charger, the Nokia 3310 comes with a fairly simple charger – a slim charger with collapsible 3rd prong and a non-removable microUSB cable attached to the brick itself. It outputs a maximum of 5V at 550mA, which is sufficient for the Nokia 3310’s 1,200mAh battery. The battery is also removable, by the way.

With the battery and back cover assembled, the Nokia 3310 weighs in at only 83 grams – which is nearly weightless compared to other smartphones in the market today.

Nokia 3310

The all new Nokia 3310 will be available in the market in the first week of June 2017 – and it will be retailing at a controlled price of RM239 only. I mean, it’s RM239 in nostalgia value – or a perfectly functioning phone for your parents or grandparents. I mean seriously – not everyone needs a smartphone.

If you’re afraid that your unit is imported, just be sure that all units of Nokia smartphones in Malaysia are distributed by AVAXX, and they have a sticker sealing up the phone’s box.

Nokia 3310
It’s gorgeous.

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